Zilliqa accelerates gaming ecosystem development through partnership with XBorg

Zilliqa partners with XBorg, the gaming arm of Swissborg, to accelerate the development of the gaming ecosystem through a series of strategic partnerships, including event organization, co-marketing activities and more

LONDON, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zilliqaa high-performance, high-security and low-fee layer-1 blockchain protocol, has partnered with XBorg, one of the leading Esports 3.0 organizations and Web3 gaming communities, to advance the development of its fast-growing gaming ecosystem .

Through this partnership, XBorg players will have access to beta versions of games built on Zilliqa to provide development feedback. In addition, XBorg will bring players to Zilliqa games where they will offer a new distribution channel, accelerating user adoption of each game.

Where gameplay allows, XBorg will host competitions and tournaments for Zilliqa’s games, increasing their exposure in crypto gaming communities. XBorg will boost its Zilliqa game promotion campaigns with its network of ambassadors, influencers and esports partners.

As an extension of their partnership, Zilliqa and XBorg will jointly co-market games within the Zilliqa gaming ecosystem. By leveraging XBorg’s substantial network of players, influencers and ambassadors in addition to Zilliqa’s own esports partners and community, this will amplify Zilliqa’s own efforts to bring its games and skill model to the forefront of Web3 gaming.

“Games are defined by the strength, size and support of their communities. What we want to do through our partnership with XBorg is to take a collaborative approach to developing Zilliqa’s gaming ecosystem,” said Matt Dyer, Zilliqa Chief of Staff. “Gamers, like crypto natives, are constantly looking for new games to try and the next big thing, which is why we are involved in cross-promotional activities with XBorg. Our strategic initiatives with teams like XBorg will advance Zilliqa’s end-to-end game development.” and publishing pipeline, from iterative feedback before launch to co-marketing and competitive events for our live titles. Each part of this partnership will expand the visibility of Zilliqa’s games to entirely new audiences and communities that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.”

“At XBorg, we are focused on creating and cultivating healthy gaming ecosystems within Web3 games that put players first. This wouldn’t be possible without aligning ourselves with organizations driven by the same passions. proud to join forces with Zilliqa to provide our players with access to projects that allow them to own their in-game assets, trade them securely and earn from the value they generate,” says Louis Regis, the CEO and founder of XBorg. “This partnership will enable XBorg to shape leading blockchain games, build professional esports teams, tournaments and leagues for upcoming Zilliqa competitive titles, and expand our Gaming Digital Identity product offering with exclusive Zilliqa products.”

About Zilliqa:

Zilliqa provides high-performance, scalable and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralized applications. Founded in 2017, Zilliqa has been developed by a team of global business and industry experts, accomplished scientists, leading engineers, financial services specialists and company founders. Zilliqa’s mission is to become the blockchain destination of choice for building and developing Web3 applications. Committed to developing innovative and scalable blockchain solutions with a user-centric approach, Zilliqa works to catalyze and transform digital infrastructures in global communities and industries. Companies and brands around the world are leveraging Zilliqa’s technology to build applications that support their strategic growth and scale their business – from financial services to entertainment, esports and gaming, and digital advertising.

To date, the Zilliqa blockchain has processed more than 40 million transactions since the launch of its main network and is home to a thriving decentralized application ecosystem of more than 250 projects. For more information visit: zilliqa.com

SOURCE Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.

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