Xbox Introduces “Project Amplify” For HBCU Students Interested In Gaming

Xbox has announced the launch of Project Amplify to support HBCU students interested in careers in the gaming industry.

Project Amplify is a video series that aims to increase black voices within Xbox to inspire, educate, and motivate youth in the United States to pursue careers in the game industry through real-life stories of black people. leaders and employees in the Xbox ecosystem.

A recent survey by HBCU Connect, commissioned by Microsoft, found that of the 200 respondents, approximately 95 percent of college students and alumni of HBCUs across the country expressed an interest in a career in the gaming industry. According to the survey, 34 percent of respondents said they were specifically interested in program management roles, 24 percent were interested in technical roles, and 18 percent were interested in game development roles.

Gaming is a leading form of entertainment, and to date, only two percent of video game industry professionals are black, compared to 13 percent of the US population. In partnership with members of the Black Communities on Xbox, Xbox shares that they want to improve that metric and close this gap by promoting pipelines for black people and youth in the gaming industry.

Project Amplify features 14 Black employees from across the Xbox, sharing every advice, insights into their current roles, and highlights from their time in the gaming industry. According to Xbox, the video series aims to educate young people about the diversity of roles within the gaming industry, while highlighting some of the black people who work in those roles.

“Growing up, I didn’t really have a vision for what my career would be. I decided to go to college thinking it was a way to “get a good job” and escape poverty, but even as a freshman computer science student I still had a very smattering of the opportunities the tech industry offered me. offered, Xbox product manager Q Muhaimin said in a press release. “Throughout my college experience and through internships, I’ve learned more about how big the world is – how many companies, careers and pathways there are to find or create a job you love. I want more people to know they have options, nothing is impossible or out of reach for them and encourage them to pursue their passions early on.”

“In my early years I was more focused on what not to do than on what I could be. It wasn’t until my adult years that I learned to use my passion for games in a career. I am now incredibly grateful to be celebrating 10+ years into my dream career and hope that Project Amplify inspires people to dream and take action towards their own goals. As my coaches and mentors would say, ‘Play to win instead of play not to lose,'” added James Lewis, senior business development manager at Xbox.

Xbox has partnered with the 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T for a two-day event starting tomorrow (September 24) to “reach students and game enthusiasts through on-site industry panels and networking opportunities with members of the Black Communities on Xbox.”

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