Woman who retaliated after being ashamed, internet divides

A woman who was shamed by a man she spoke to has sought revenge – but not everyone agrees with her tactics.

The woman – known online as @milareallysings – revealed that she was ashamed of “some dude”, so she decided to text his dad.

“Looks like I’m going to be his new stepmom,” she joked, lip syncing to Nicki Minaj’s song super crazy girl.

In screenshots of what the woman claims to be text messages between the pair, the student confirmed that it was indeed the target of her revenge before answering “your future girlfriend” when asked who texted him.

“I’m not sure what my wife would think of that sort of thing,” the man replied.

Mila said the woman—and the man’s son—didn’t need to know.

In addition to the written messages, she added a handful of photos of herself.

Another screenshot showed the man asking for more details, including where the TikTok user came from. When he found out where, he said it was far apart.

“I’m currently in school in Boston, I can fly to you,” Mila texted back, winking at the end of her message.

The man asked her what the couple would do when they were together, asking if Mila liked champagne.

“I love champagne and we can do anything,” she said.

“Let’s start with dinner and some drinks.”

The conversation seemed to continue, but Mila said she no longer spoke to the man’s father, adding that she would never really go on “ruining” a marriage.

She said it was all to prove something to the man’s son.

The internet was divided – some accused the woman of crossing a line.

One said, “No, because that’s a married man.”

Another said: “I would love this if he wasn’t married.”

A third said: “I’m torn because if he’s married it’s definitely a touch of trespassing, but I also love that you destroy the son.”

Others thought it was a brilliant move, with one wanting to know the son’s reaction.

“This is the energy I want to claim,” said one social media user.

Another added: “Idgaf what anyone thinks. You are my hero. Dead bbg.”

One said: “I want to support this but I also feel sorry for the woman. She did nothing.”

In a subsequent video, the woman joked that she would do loyalty checks for people with their partners and fathers.

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