Windows 11 22H2 is causing game problems for some NVIDIA users

The Windows 11 22H2 feature update released earlier this week is reportedly causing game performance issues on systems with NVIDIA GPUs.

As described in reports shared on various online platforms and on Microsoft’s online community, some users are experiencing stuttering and massive lag while playing games due to what appears to be a significant drop in CPU usage after installing the Windows 11 2022 update.

“I’ve been experiencing crazy stuttering in games. My CPU usage in games has dropped significantly, in some from 80% to 5%. I just got back to the last update and my gaming experience is much better,” said one Reddit- user .

“I just updated to 22H2 and I’m dealing with extremely unstable FPS in all my games. I have good specs for gaming and have never seen any problems (Ryzen 3600, 1070 TI, 16GB RAM). Games are basically unplayable, added another one.

“I also have a lot of stuttering while gaming. Brand new PC and it worked fine before this upgrade. i9-12900k, 3080ti. Please fix this,” said a third Reddit user.

Customers also shared on Microsoft’s community site that they had experienced similar issues, with a similar drop in CPU usage of up to 5%, causing significant lag while gaming.

NVIDIA is investigating, roll back the update to fix the issue

Anecdotally, after rolling back the update, the game performance issues will disappear, according to reports from multiple affected users.

“I got the 22H2 update for win 11 this morning and my games immediately started to slow down. Using MSI afterburner I found that in games (BFV and NFS Heat) my cpu usage had dropped from about 50-60% to only 5% was the same in all my games,” explains a user report in a long thread, with others confirming that the issue also affects their systems.

“They all ran perfectly yesterday. Rolled back the update and the games are running perfectly again with 50-60% CPU.”

While Microsoft has yet to jump in and investigate these user reports, NVIDIA Software QA Manuel Guzman has confirmed that the company is aware of this issue and is asking affected Reddit users for additional feedback.

For now, Windows customers with NVIDIA GPUs may want to wait to update their devices until NVIDIA or Microsoft shares more information about the cause of this game performance issue.

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