Who is YouTube star Elz the Witch?

Elz the Witch is getting famous on YouTube and getting more popular by the day.

The star is best known for her gaming career, but who is she?

Elz became famous for gaming


Elz became famous for gamingCredit: Instagram

Who is Elz the witch?

Elz the Witch rose to fame online after creating her gaming career.

The YouTuber often uploads The Sims videos, as well as vlogs and other games.

She started gaming when she was eight years old, but was told she didn’t look like a gamer.

It was December 2018 when she recently started uploading game videos.

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Since then, she has boosted her followers through her “Let’s Plays” and “playthroughs” of games.

Elz comments on her clips while playing games like The Sims and Fortnite.

She has managed to earn over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel (as of September 2022).

Elz has said in the past that her favorite games are Final Fantasy 7, Zelda Ocarina of Time, GTA San Andreas, and The Sims.

What is Elz the Witch’s real name?

Elz revealed that her first name was Eleanor after correcting Callux who called her Elizabeth in one of Calfreezy’s videos.

She has worked in the tech industry since graduating from university with a first-class honors degree in IT, Management and Business.

Where does Elz the Witch come from?

Elz was born in Suffolk before attending boarding school in Norwich at age 11.

While there, Elz said she listened to ’90s R&B, wasn’t much of a talker, and loved technology.

How do I find Elz the Witch on social media?

Elz the Witch can be found here on her YouTube channel, where she regularly uploads clips from her games and collaborations with other YouTube stars.

The star also has an Instagram account @elzthewitch where she has over 200k followers.

On her page, she tends to update her fans on what she has been up to in her personal and work life.

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Elz also has her own Twitter page, @elzthewitch.

On her TikTok account @elzthewitch, Elz shares a variety of content, including interview clips.

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