What happens if a person tastes menstruation during sex?

It is believed that there is a love spell that causes the couple to fall madly in love when they have intercourse during her period. According to the magicians, blood will inevitably bind them together and form a lasting bond.

Others, on the other hand, don’t believe in witchcraft and just have some reservations about having sex during menstruation and even fewer want to practice the so-called “clown kiss”. But in reality, having relationships during this time has its pros and cons. Then sexologist Eirelyn Gómez and gynecologist Corina Hidalgo explain it to us.

What happens if a person tastes a woman’s menstrual flow?

What is often thought is that if a person tries menstruation, they fall in love or also if there is an intimate encounter during this period, the relationship has a bigger vision of the future. However, it is a myth because there is no scientific evidence to support it.

What can happen is that you contract a sexually transmitted infection (STD). “There is a greater risk of contracting an STI such as HIV and hepatitis because these viruses live in the menstrual blood and are much more easily transmitted,” explains Corina Hidalgo. In addition, she points out that it is important to use condoms and not to swallow the blood to avoid stomach upset.

This view is shared by Eirelyn Gómez, adding that poisoning can occur if one of the people is allergic to iron, but these are very specific cases.

There are many myths about sex during menstruation, the chance of falling in love is one of them. Photo: Unsplash

How to have oral sex during menstruation?

Specialists give these recommendations to have pleasant oral sex during menstruation:

Communication is essential. The couple can test if they like it during menstruation and stop when they think it’s necessary. Hygiene must be taken into account. Brushing your teeth before oral sex is not recommended as it can damage gums and be a doorway for STDs. It is preferable to rinse it off and take a body shower. Using a condom is the best option. While there is no risk of pregnancy, there is a risk of infection. A menstrual cup or tampon can be used so that the outside of the vulva is not contaminated. It is important that they are removed before penetration because if left in it can cause toxic shock syndrome. At the end of oral sex, give adequate hygiene to the affected areas.

What are the benefits of sexual intercourse during menstruation?

Among the benefits of sexual intercourse during menstruation, the following stand out:

It is more satisfying due to the increase in libido during this period It shortens the bleeding time It improves colic and menstrual symptoms There is more lubrication and thus less pain when penetrating

There are many benefits that sexual intercourse provides during menstruation. Photo: Unsplash

What is the rainbow kiss?

A rainbow kiss consists of two people giving and receiving oral sex at the same time, which is known as the pose 69 in the Kamasutra book, but with the detail that this exchange takes place while one of them is menstruating.

“The goal is to climax together and then kiss, mixing one of the couple’s menstrual blood with the other’s semen (which each will have stored in their mouths) during the kiss,” explains. gynecologist Staci Tanouye to Women’s Health magazine.

Carolanne Marcantonio, a sex therapist and co-founder of Wise Sex Therapy Associates, argues that acting with this blood type can bring people closer together. “Playing with blood brings people together because of the confidence it takes to do that act,” she says.

This sexual practice can cause transmission of STIs and STIs, which can occur if you have sex without a condom. Photo: Unsplash

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