Using the gaming homepage in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has put a lot of money and effort into its gaming initiatives, adding new gaming-focused features to Windows 11 and the Edge browser. One is the new gaming homepage, designed to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the video game world. It’s pretty easy to enable, but there are some additional customizations you can make so that the experience is just right for you. If you’re not sure what to do, we’re here to help. We are here to show you how to enable and customize the gaming homepage in Microsoft Edge.

How to enable the gaming homepage in Microsoft Edge

To use the gaming homepage in Microsoft Edge, you must first make sure that your homepage or new tab page is no different than the default. If you’re not sure, open Edge, click the menu button (represented by three dots) in the top right corner, and choose Settings. Here, go to the Home, homepage and new tabs section of the side menu. Make sure the options under When Edge starts and Home button are set up to use the New Tab page.

Screenshot of Edge settings for new tab and home page

Once that’s done, open a new tab or click the home button next to the address bar, if you’ve chosen to enable it. This will bring up the New Tab page, which has a search bar, your most frequent sites, and then your news feed below that. If you don’t see any news, you can simply scroll down. Alternatively, you can bring news to the forefront by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner and switching to the inspirational or informational layout options.

Microsoft Edge homepage settings with inspirational and informative layouts highlighted

At the top of your News Feed, you’ll see a few sections, starting with My feed, which is the default view. You can click Gaming to switch to the gaming homepage, and that’s all you need to do. Here you can see information about current tournaments, competitions you can register for, highlights from popular streams and news. You also have a calendar of recently released and upcoming games (which seem to be focused on Xbox releases).

Gaming home page in Microsoft Edge

There’s also an Xbox card that lets you connect your Microsoft account to see your recently played games, including cloud games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so you can quickly jump back into a game you’ve recently played.

After you switch to the game category, Edge always opens it by default when you open the home page or open a new tab. If you switch to another category, you will have to switch back to gaming.

Customize your feed

Of course, once you’ve switched to your gaming homepage, there are a few things you can tweak. First, you’ll probably see the card at the top that says: Personalize your game feed. Clicking it will take you to a page where you can choose your gaming-related interests, most of which are related to esports titles such as As long as, Appreciate, League of Legends, and so on. You can also use the search bar at the top to search for specific interests that aren’t on the list, so if there’s a specific series or game you want to keep an eye on, you can.

Screenshot of interests to choose from for the gaming feed in Microsoft Edge

You can click the plus sign to add a topic to your interests, or – for the default topics offered – use the “banned” button to block all news related to that topic.

This only changes the general topics you see, but there are other customizations you can make. While you are on this page, you will see a number of different sections at the top for different types of settings. Click Experience Settingsand then choose Gaming from the sidebar – you may have to scroll down to find it. Here you will find the option to link and unlink your Xbox account from Edge, which affects the Xbox map we mentioned above.

You can also disable specific cards, so if you’re not interested in esports tournaments or matches, the game calendar, or anything else, you can remove those cards from your feed and make more room for news.

Screenshot of Edge feed settings with options specific to the gaming feed allowing the user to disable specific cards

After adjusting your settings, you can click the home button or open a new tab to see your updated gaming homepage. You can also click My feed at the top of the page, then switch back to the Gaming category. The page should be updated with your settings, but based on our experience, it doesn’t look like the page is actually updating with your new settings. This could be a bug

And that’s it. Edge now automatically opens the gaming-focused home page when you launch it and when you click the home button or open a new tab. This should make it easier to stay on top of the content that interests you most.

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