US politician compares Air Canada’s new electric planes to slavery (VIDEO)

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been criticized online for comparing Air Canada’s new fleet of electric planes to slavery.

The politician, who has been the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district since 2021, joked that the new electric-hybrid planes could be powered like “slave ships” with passengers forced to cycle by “annoying flight attendants” on exercise bikes. . “to keep the plane in the air.”

Speaking at the Texas South Summit, she didn’t help validate her theory by incorrectly referring to Justin Trudeau as the “president” of Canada.

Air Canada’s New Fleet of Electric Aircraft

“Here’s something interesting — get this: Air Canada has ordered 30 electric planes; what do you think?” she asks the audience. “What does that actually look like?”

She wondered if it would work like “the slaves rowing ships,” curious if the planes would be powered “like a spider class in a tube.”

Popular TikToker @pottymouthpollyanna, who often records her reactions to political and social comments on the platform, shared her reaction to Greene’s comparison.

“It’s absurd,” the Republican politician concluded. Absurd indeed.

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Last week, Air Canada announced it had signed a major purchase agreement with Swedish company Heart Aerospace, which will develop ES-30 electric-hybrid aircraft.

The lithium battery-based aircraft are expected to be commissioned in 2028. They will have an emission-free range of 200 kilometers, which can be extended to 800 kilometers if power is supplemented by a generator and fewer passengers fly.

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