Unity Releases New Report Highlighting Massive Global Demand for Multiplayer Gaming and New Insights on Player Preferences

77% of gamers worldwide play multiplayer games and social factors are the main drivers for purchasing decisions and engagement

Unity Gaming Services Launches New Self-Service Features to Help Studios of All Sizes Accelerate multiplayer development and deliver better connected gaming experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unit (NYSE:U), the world’s leading platform for creating and serving real-time 3D (RT3D) content, today announced the Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report, to help developers better understand player demand and multiplayer game preferences. This report shows that more than half of the world’s population (52%) now plays games, and a majority of those gamers (77%) play multiplayer games. In addition, it also reveals the importance of social factors in both influencing purchasing decisions and driving engagement in games. To give studios of all sizes instant access to fundamental building tools that help accelerate multiplayer development and deliver the best connected gaming experiences, Unity today launched new self-service features for Game Server Hosting and Matchmaker. These additions bolster an already robust portfolio of multiplayer solutions offered through Unity Gaming Services (UGS).

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The Multiplayer Report 2022 stresses that social factors play a critical role in driving purchasing decisions and overall engagement in a multiplayer game. When it comes to choosing a game, after genre, the most important considerations are whether friends play the game (34%) and the ability to chat with friends in the game (31%). The most important features for the enjoyment of a game are the ability to quickly join a game with others (36%) and matchmaking with others at the same skill level (33%). The report also highlights other key areas of player preferences:

  • Multiplayer gamers play without walled gardens – 91% of real-time multiplayer gamers play crossplay games.

  • Both core and casual gamers will invest in their games – More than half of all multiplayer gamers (61%) bought downloadable content for games in the 30 days before they were surveyed.

  • Genre does not determine whether a game reaches a core audience or an informal audience While the core audiences index slightly higher on traditional multiplayer genres, casual gamers are not limited to specific game types such as card and puzzle games.

For more key findings, download the Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report.

“Multiplayer games are not only hugely popular, but they are also more varied and diverse than ever before,” said Jeff Collins, SVP Engineering, Operate Solutions, Unity. “From small-scale co-op to large-scale battle royales, to everything in between, gamers are drawn to different ways to interact and play with each other, creating a seamless social experience table for any multiplayer game. With UGS’ multiplayer solutions , we equip developers and studios of all sizes with the best service offerings to deliver stable, scalable and customizable experiences to connect players in any type of multiplayer game.”

The new self-service features for both Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Matchmaker will help developers build and launch multiplayer games faster and more effectively. Game Serving Hosting is a hassle-free dedicated game server hosting service that allows creators to effectively scale their game to millions of players in minutes. Matchmaker allows developers to customize their matches with rules-based matchmaking, enabling a better multiplayer experience with fast matches and low latency. In addition, Netcode for GameObjects is also officially launched today. This is a basic framework and network library built for the Unity game engine that simplifies the development of small-scale cooperative games. To help developers get hands-on with the new features and with multiplayer networking for different types of games, Unity has also released three new and updated multiplayer game samples, including a large-scale Battle Royale sample developed with Photon Fusion. Learn more about the new self-service features and game samples on our Unity blog.

The Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report uses data collected by Unit in the third quarter of 2021 and again in the third quarter of 2022 via an online survey of multiplayer gamers in the US, UK, Korea and Japan, representing four of the top six countries in terms of gaming revenue. Responses were collected from approximately 1,500 gamers, with the dataset consisting of 50% core gamers (gamers who play multiplayer games for at least four hours a week in any combination of the following traditional multiplayer genres: Shooter, MOBA, MMO, Racing, Sports , or fighting), and 50% casual gamers (gamers who play at least two hours a week, of which at least 30 minutes is multiplayer). For a free copy of the Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report go to https://create.unity.com/multiplayer-report-2022.

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