Unboxing & Review: Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Stealth Edition Gaming Chair

Secretlab’s latest gaming chair is arguably one of the best. We take a look at our latest unboxing video.

Shacknews staff can always use a chair. That also applies to our pets. Fortunately, Greg Burke, head of video for Shacknews, needs a chair and also has cats, which made him the perfect candidate to unbox and review the Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Stealth Edition Series chair.

The Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Series Chair is available in three different sizes, which are perfect for users of different shapes and sizes. With an advanced design focused on durability and performance, this chair is ideal for the hardcore PC user. It takes 15 steps to assemble this thing, which requires a light degree of dexterity. Keep your screwdriver and Allen wrench handy. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, as Greg shows in this video.

The end result is a comfortable leather chair. You don’t have to be in the game world to appreciate the lumbar support and comfortable material. It’s a bit heavy, but that just means it should support most roomy frames.

The Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Stealth Series starts at $449 USD. All pricing details are available on the Secretlab website. Special thanks to Secretlab for sending this chair. For more unboxing videos like this one, as well as other gameplay videos and interviews, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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