Trump news today: Trump lawyers admit he could face criminal charges for Mar-a-Lago files

Trump claims his supporters are imprisoned for refusing to say bad things about him

Donald Trump’s legal team seems to recognize that the Justice Department’s investigation into classified documents in Mar-a-Lago could lead to criminal charges as they resist answering questions about the “release” of the files.

Opposition to Judge Raymond Dearie, who Trump himself had asked to be a special master on the case, raised eyebrows on Tuesday as the New York judge prepared to hold an initial press conference on the case.

Mr. Trump had previously attacked FBI agents for allegedly ruining his bedroom carpet last month while executing a search warrant, which found more than 100 classified or top secret documents.

The files are among more than 11,000 taken from Mar-a-Lago as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into mishandling of official documents, which US President Joe Biden has labeled “irresponsible” in recent days.

while a axios The report, meanwhile, revealed why Mr. Trump’s lawyers had chosen Judge Dearie, a high-profile FBI “skeptic,” as the special master of the Justice Department’s case brought against him. Events so far have cast doubt on such claims as Mr Trump’s legal team opposes his plan to review those documents.


Trump mocks Biden for 14th row of seats at Queen’s funeral

Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden Monday for his 14th row placement at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Windsor Castle.

“This is what has happened to America in just two short years. No respect!” the former president wrote on Truth Social on Monday. “But a good time for our president to get to know the leaders of certain third world countries.”

“In real estate, as in politics and in life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING,” Mr Trump added.


Trump lawyers must respond to separate injunction

Donald Trump’s lawyers will respond Tuesday to a Justice Department appeal for an order banning it from using classified documents it seized in Mar-a-Lago last month.

It comes after U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the department to stop using the documents until a special matine completes its work to review the documents.

That order came at the same time that Judge Raymond Judge was appointed special captain in the Justice Department’s case against Trump at the request of the former president.

Although the Justice Department accepted Dearie’s nomination, it has appealed the decision to block access to the classified files.


Trump lawyers resist answering questions about document declassification

In a petition to Judge Raymond Dearie on Monday, Donald Trump’s lawyers said they would object to a plan to determine whether any of Mar-a-Lago’s 100 documents with classification markings are privileged because they would have to say whether the Mr Trump actually released them.

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Trump revives attacks on CNN’s Don Lemon

Former President Donald Trump has revived his attacks on CNN host Don Lemon, who is moving from an evening time slot to take over a revived breakfast show on the network.

Trump wrote on Truth Social: “One small step for television, one big step for humanity. Don Lemon, often referred to as “the dumbest man on television” after making even Lebron James look smart during their interview two years ago, has been FIRED from his prime time night spot on CNN – extremely low ratings – and will be in their prime. ‘Death penalty’ are thrown. Valley’s morning show. I assume this means a BIG pay cut ahead of his full and total future resignation from Ratings Challenged (to say the least!) CNN. Good luck Don, you’ll need it! MAGA!!!”

He went on to post: “They call me a ‘rating machine’. Don Lemon was also a rating machine – vice versa. He killed ratings, ate them alive and always will. If he interviewed Elvis, back from the dead, no one would watch.” .”

Turning His Attention to His Critics on MSNBCs Tomorrow Joe — Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski — he added: “Add him to the list of Joe Scarborough and his lovely, soothing bride. They are also in the ‘can’, but can now compete against ‘the stupidest man on television’. Should help them a lot!!!”


Special master to hold press conference

A New York courtroom will host the first press conference held by Judge Raymond Dearie on Tuesday following his appointment as special captain to review more than 11,000 documents from Mar-a-Lago. Reuters reports.

Mr. Dearie will review the documents and decide which of them should be included in the Justice Department’s investigation, and will recommend which – if any – of the files fall under attorney-client privilege or executive privilege, which the Mr Trump has claimed without being president.

While Mr Trump has denied doing anything wrong, the Justice Department has opposed blocking the ability to review the files, especially those classified or marked as classified.


Trump’s favorable assessment at recent lows

A new NBC News poll shows that the popularity of former President Donald Trump has hit a new low among registered voters just before the midterm elections.

Mr Trump’s favorable rating fell two points to 32 percent in August, which was the lowest for Republicans in more than a year, according to the poll released on Sunday.

Republican consulting firm Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates surveyed 1,000 registered voters between Sept. 9 and Sept. 13. The poll had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.


Lawyers for Trump appear to admit possible charges

Donald Trump’s legal team seems to recognize that the Justice Department’s investigation into classified documents in Mar-a-Lago could lead to criminal charges as they resist answering questions about the “release” of the files that were retrieved from Mr Trump’s Florida home.

According to a report in The Washington Post on Tuesday, The former president’s lawyers said they didn’t want Judge Raymond J Dearie, whom they proposed as special master on the case, to ask how the files obtained by FBI agents and the Department of Justice were “released” as Mr Trump claimed as his defense.

Nor did his legal team want Judge Dearie to compel Mr. Trump to “fully and specifically disclose a defense of the merits of a subsequent charge without such requirement being apparent in the court order.”

That statement seemed to acknowledge that there was at least some risk of criminal prosecution as a result of the lengthy investigation into documents held and retrieved from Mar-a-Lago, the After reported.

Mr. Dearie has until Nov. 30 to review approximately 11,000 documents, including those classified and top secret.


Trump furious with DeSantis over migrant flights

Donald Trump is privately furious with fellow Republican Ron DeSantis over the governor’s decision last week to allow flights with about 50 migrants from the southern border to Martha’s Vineyard, rolling stone reported.

Two internal sources close to the president who was impeached twice told the outlet they heard him talk about the Republican governor putting the spotlight ahead of a possible bid for the White House in 2024.

However, neither Mr DeSantis nor Mr Trump have made public commitments to run for office.


Trump Rejects George Inquiry into 2020 Lies

Donald Trump lashed out at the Georgia State Attorney’s Office on Monday, who is overseeing a grand jury investigation into attempts to reverse his 2020 election loss in Peach State.

In a statement from his Political Action Committee, Mr. Trump accused Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of spending “almost all of her waking hours” “attempting to prosecute a very popular president, Donald J Trump” in rather than focusing on violent crime in Atlanta.

Speaking in an interview with The Washington Post, Ms Willis called the charges under investigation “very serious” and said “people face jail time” if charged and convicted as a result of her work.


Fox News segment wrong about Biden’s health claims

A doctor briefly ditched a Fox News segment over the weekend after presenter Anita Vogel suggested that US President Joe Biden experienced a mental decline during a visit to London.

Ms Vogel commented on Mr Biden’s signing of a condolence book in London on Sunday, when she said the Democrat had shown signs of “cognitive decline”.

The 79-year-old, who faced similar allegations from Republicans and his processor Donald Trump, was filmed by television cameras asking his wife where they were going after she signed the book of condolence following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week.

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