Travel to the fantastic worlds of Miyazaki in Ghibli Park

Chihiro runs home in Spirited Away

Spirited Away
Image: Studio Ghiblic

Japan’s highly anticipated Studio Ghibli Themed Attraction offers a variety of sights and activities inspired by the worlds of Hayao Miyazaki’s legacy of movies. Located in a nature reserve, purposefully not disturbing the wilderness of the surrounding forest, the park is more of an immersion in the atmosphere and movie locations like My neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castleand Kiki’s delivery service, among other things.

Here’s the official first look at the areas that will be available to roam through during the first phase of the November 1 opening.

In the walk-through environments, you’ll find iconic features like a fuzzy Catbus, to sit in and pose with the little ones and not-so-little ones. I know I’d squeeze into that bus.

There is also this incredible thrown away room in what appears to be a recreation of the bathhouse.

And of course there is also a photo-op with No Face!

Here’s a taste of merch we’ll probably have to buy a checked bag to take back, but it seems so worth it.

The theme park is located inside Aichi Expo Memorial Park near Nagoya, about 200 miles from Tokyo. Tickets for the opening, which were offered in a raffle, sold out quickly for people in Japan. If you’re planning to visit, the borders will open soon, but select bookings through travel planners will be available if approved by Japan’s tourism board. We’re okay, wait for the Howl’s Moving Castle section will open as part of future phases.

Are you going to try going to Ghibli Park in Japan? Let us know in the comments below. For more information, visit the official site.

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