The next Bethesda game rumor is doing the rounds

There are plenty of rumors in the gaming world. From new titles to remakes of classics, it’s never been a better time to be a gaming fan. Now there is a new rumor about the next Bethesda game. According to this rumor, the studio will be collaborating with Tango Gameworks on their next title. Previously, the two studios collaborated to create The evil within, the evil within 2and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Apparently the new game is codenamed Project Hibiki, but they will release it as Hi-Fi hurry. But what is this game about? And when will they release it? Keep reading to find out!

This rumor comes from Twitter user BillbilKun, who has revealed numerous other gaming leaks in the past. This user claims that Bethesda and Tango Gameworks will likely officially announce the title at the Xbox Developer Direct event. Currently, we know that this event will take place on Wednesday, January 5, starting at 12:00 PM PT or 3:00 PM ET. If you’re in the UK, that’s 8pm GMT. Plus, we know the direct will run for about 45 minutes, but it’s unclear how long Bethesda’s segment will be.

Also, BillbilKun revealed that the studio may not be announcing the game anytime soon. In fact, they believe that the next Bethesda game might come out pretty soon, though they couldn’t reveal an exact release date. However, they did say that the ESRB rated the title Teen, while PEGI gave it a 12. The user also stated that there would be two versions of the game: a standard edition and a deluxe edition. It is unclear what the difference will be between these two formats.

What’s the next Bethesda game?

Next Bethseda game Image:

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the next Bethesda game apart from the title, Hi-Fi hurry. However, there are many rumors about what it could be. Some people think it will be a multiplayer shooting game, although the chances of Tango Gameworks making a multiplayer title are unlikely.

Other rumors indicate that it is similar to the popular game Jetset radio from 2000. Apparently, the art of the game is similar to this title, while the gameplay is a rhythm-based brawler. Anyway, they’ve been working on this game for a while. In fact, they officially registered the title of the game in 2020. Internet sleuths found the LinkedIn page of one of the developers, who posted some of the game’s concept art. This is what they said about it:

Concept designs for modular sci-fi structures for use in an ‘artificial training environment’. These modular pieces would be used to build challenging obstacles for the players to train on. From an unreleased shooter demo.

You can view some of the concept art below.

Next Bethseda game Image:

Next Bethseda game Image:

If this is really the next Bethesda game, then we are very interested in it. Looks like it’s going to be a unique game! However, this isn’t the only game the studio is working on. Currently we know that they are out to release another shooter, redfall, in Q1 or Q2 2023, alongside the action RPG Star field.

In addition, they are also working on a number of other games that do not yet have a release date. These include Wolfenstein III, Fallout 5, a nameless one Indiana Jones game, and the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI. So it looks like it’s going to be an exciting year for all Bethesda fans!

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