The History of Gaming in the West Midlands

AS the UK recovers economically after battling the Covid-19 pandemic, the gaming industry is at the center of West Midland’s plans.

From retro arcade games to iGaming and eSports, the West Midlands has a rich history as a gaming hub and has already set ambitious plans to become a dominant force in the industry over the next decade.

The basics of gaming in the West Midlands

Take a stroll through Birmingham or any other West Midlands town, and you’ll be hard pressed to stay long without seeing an arcade machine or retro game station.

While games like Time Crisis and Mario Kart have gone out of style in the UK over the past 20 years, many of them are still a staple of West Midlands entertainment.

Retro computer fairs are a regular occurrence across the region, with a generation simply refusing to let go of their favorite pastime.

Events such as Retro Revival and the Retro Arcade game museum have preserved the strong gaming roots of the West Midlands.

The region’s gaming history is so rich that when Steven Spielberg was looking for a location to shoot the blockbuster Ready Player One, he thought of the West Midlands.

Now several iconic scenes from Birmingham can be seen on the big screen.

From fun to employment through iGaming

While gaming has long been part of the West Midland’s history, it has only recently become a part of the region’s livelihood.

With over 20,000 employees in the West Midlands in the casino and iGaming industries, the commercial side of gaming has really benefited the region.

Several major bookmakers have their headquarters locally and provide many employment opportunities. Stoke alone has more than 4,500 gambling employees.

Jobs in the iGaming and casino space are increasingly quality, with the role of technology increasing in the industry.

For example, the best casino bonuses found on are designed and implemented by qualified software engineers and require the deployment of highly skilled personnel to maintain them, allowing you to enjoy them.

Looking forward to dominance in eSports

With the growth in the iGaming sector, the West Midlands is looking ahead to continue growing employment in the region.

Birmingham has already taken major steps to establish its name in the UK and bring economic boost to the region, with the recent Commonwealth Games being held in the city this year.

The event brought significant economic benefits, but residents will also long for sustainable growth.

The answer could very well lie in the rapidly developing eSports space, where an increase in popularity over the past decade has provided economic opportunities.

Recently, the West Midlands Growth Company signed a ten-year deal with the Global Esports Federation, agreeing to make the region an epicenter for UK eSports.

Fueled by the pandemic, eSports is now a multi-billion dollar industry, treating top players like athletes and performing in front of thousands of adoring fans.

With such growth, there is a good chance that the West Midlands will remain at the forefront of gaming for a long time to come.

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