The biggest gaming news for September 22, 2022

Just one more day until we hit a weekend of relaxation and video games, but before then you’ll have all the biggest gaming news of the day to catch up on. For example, we finally got a date where we get to see our first trailer for the infamous Mario movie starring Chris Pratt and friends.

We also got some new information about the Splinter Cell remake and its story, as popular YouTuber video game dunkey announced his foray into publishing indie games. For more details, just read on.

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First Look at Illumination’s Super Mario Bros Movie Coming October 6

We can pretend it didn’t happen again. The upcoming Mario movie starring Chris Pratt is right around the corner and now we finally have a date to mark on our calendars. Announced by Illumination, the Super Mario Bros. movie will launch on April 7, 2023, but we’ll get to see a small snippet of the movie pretty soon. At New York Comic-Con next month, visitors can watch a short teaser trailer on October 6 at 4 p.m. ET.

Splinter Cell Remake Is Being Rewritten For A “Modern Audience”

Ubisoft may have announced the return of Splinter Cell, but that’s basically all the information we’ve gotten so far about the remake. However, thanks to a screenwriter job posting, we know that the game’s story might not be what we remember, as Ubisoft is apparently looking for someone to help them rewrite and update the story for a “modern audience.” We can also assume that since Ubisoft is looking for a screenwriter, it will probably be a while before we see it on the shelves.

YouTuber Dunkey appoints video game publisher Bigmode

Popular YouTuber video game dunkey thinks he has what it takes to publish video games as the creator and his wife Leah Gastrow have announced a new publishing company called Bigmode. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Dunkey is adamant that Bigmode will only publish the best of the best. He claims that his long-standing criticism of video games means he knows “what kinds of ideas always work.” He also claims that Bigmode will help with funding and only hand out developer-friendly contracts.

Marvel Confirms Its Games Won’t Have a Shared Universe

Marvel has managed to propel superheroes into mainstream popularity thanks to the success of the MCU, which makes it quite surprising that it apparently has no plans to create a similar shared universe with its games. Marvel Games Vice President Bill Rosemann has explained that it doesn’t want developers to be limited by the idea of ​​a multiverse and that it wants to give them the freedom to create their own stories.

Ninja Theory and Ascent Devs Use AI Speech Technology Instead of Humans

As technology becomes more advanced, more and more workers are losing their jobs to machines. One group of employees who probably felt safe were voice actors, but that may no longer be the case as several developers have been found to use AI technology to voice their characters. There are a handful of developers using this new technology, but the only studios confirmed so far are Ninja Theory and The Ascent developer Neon Giant.

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