The biggest gaming news for September 20, 2022

Today was a day full of drama, so brace yourself for a great roundup. We’ll start with the controversy over Twitch, as tensions have finally subsided after Twitch announced that it will ban streaming from unlicensed gambling sites from October.

Twitch drama aside, we also got confirmation from EA that it’s actually working on an Iron Man game, while the company has also called Call of Duty’s potential Xbox exclusivity a “huge opportunity” for the Battlefield series. For more info, just read on.

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Twitch will ban streaming from unlicensed gambling sites on October 18

The Twitch drama that started last weekend about streaming unlicensed gambling sites has finally come to an end, as Twitch itself has stated that these streams will be banned following a new policy change due on October 18. Any unlicensed gambling sites that contain slots, roulette or dice will no longer be streamed at that point, although Twitch also clarifies that streaming sites featuring sports betting, fantasy sports and poker are allowed as usual.

EA Confirms It’s Working on an Iron Man Game

A while back, EA was rumored to be developing an Iron Man game and the company has now actually confirmed those rumors. It has been announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Dead Space developer EA Motive are working with Marvel on an Iron Man single-player game. While we don’t know a title or release date, we do know that the game will be a third-person game and will involve Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy producer Olivier Proulx.

EA Calls Potential Call Of Duty Xbox Exclusivity A “Huge Opportunity” For Battlefield

That’s not all the EA news we have for you today, either, as the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has a unique take on the drama between Microsoft and PlayStation over Call of Duty’s exclusivity. Wilson stated at a Goldman Sachs conference that Call of Duty’s potential exclusivity for Xbox consoles presents a “huge opportunity” for Battlefield, claiming that the franchise being cross-platform could give it an edge going forward.

Former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden joins Tencent as a strategic advisor

Tencent has once again caused a stir in the gaming industry, although thankfully it hasn’t conquered a studio yet. No, this time it picked a person up as former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden has announced that he will be joining Tencent as a strategic advisor. Layden hopes his new role will enable him to “advise, assist and support Tencent’s team as they deepen their business and commitments within the industry.”

Sackboy: A Big Adventure PC Port Looks Likely After Steam Leak

Finally some good news for PC players still waiting for more PlayStation exclusives, as Sackboy: A Big Adventure almost follows in the footsteps of other high profile titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. A Steam entry codenamed Marmalade has been suspected for a while to be a PC port of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, but a newly added icon of Sackboy himself pretty much betrayed it.

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