TERFs attack Emma Watson for inclusive quote about transgender people

Emma Watson faces attacks on Twitter after a 2014 quote supporting transgender people was re-shared and went viral.

“It’s time we all see gender as a spectrum rather than two sets of opposing ideals,” the actress’s quote, shared by National NOW last week.

“We must stop defining each other by what we are not and defining ourselves by who we are.”

While you might think it was a pretty nice statement, calling for inclusion and kindness, it was enough for TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) to call Harry Potter star, UN ambassador and very open feminist, Emma Watson, accuse of betraying women.

“Words of ‘wisdom’ from Emma. No thank you. You should be a women’s organization. Pretend!” replied one Twitter user.

“Does Emma Watson define herself as an ultra-rich, out of touch faux feminist? Because she is,” wrote another.

“It’s to the point where ‘gender’ is indistinguishable from ‘personality’. We get it, you want to be quirky and special. That doesn’t make you the opposite sex,” another wrote.

Fortunately, not everyone agreed with the highly transphobic commentary in the replies to the shared quote.

“This is the voice of a rich woman who made a lot of money pretending to be a witch,” commented one Twitter user. “She’s never had what most of us think of as a real childhood or job. She has no right to teach women who live in the real world.”

To which another woman replied, “Mine is not a famous or rich voice. Does mine count? The real world sucks and #TERF voices don’t listen to people like me. Or are too busy attacking women who do speak up. #EmmaWatson has a platform. Well done, to her, for using it.”

JK Rowling’s TERF Downfall

Author of the book that made Watson famous, JK Rowling, is herself a publicly known TERF after sharing several transphobic opinions with the public.

One of those moments was when she publicly supported a female researcher who said “men can’t turn into women”.

On another occasion, Rowling was criticized for comments about a rape case. The author took to Twitter to share an article from London The times titled: “‘Absurdity’ of the police registering rapists as women.”

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is power. The penised person who raped you is a woman,” Rowling wrote, referring to Newpeak in George Orwell’s 1984the New York Post reports.

More recently, Rowling released her new book in which the main character is killed for making transphobic comments. She has been widely criticized for using the book as a way to play victim.

In a speech at the BAFTAs earlier this year, Watson subtly digs into Rowling’s exclusive remarks by saying, “I’m here for all the witches.”

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