Tamil Nadu government approves ban on online gaming. Read here

The cabinet of Tamil Nadu approved an ordinance on Monday to ban online gaming in the state. After approval from the governor of Tamil Nadu, the ordinance would be promulgated in the state.

The development comes after the Supreme Court of India issued a notice on Sept. 10 on a petition filed by the government of Tamil Nadu challenging the ruling of the Madras Supreme Court that the state’s ban on online gambling such as rummy and poker on cyberspace with bets.

States like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka have tried to ban games of skill. However, the high courts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have declared such amendments to legislation banning online skills gambling unconstitutional.

Earlier, the government of Tamil Nadu had moved the Supreme Court against the order of the Supreme Court of Madras that overturned Tamil Nadu’s 2021 Gambling and Police Laws Act, which banned the playing of games like rummy and poker with bets on cyberspace. However, the HC had said that nothing prevented the State from enacting a new law to regulate these games.

“The Supreme Court lost sight of the fact that the contested amendment bill, in essence, qualifies as legislation on ‘betting’, which is a clear area open to state law under the constitution,” the government of Tamil Nadu said. had notified the Supreme Court of India.

The government of Tamil Nadu further argued that teenagers and adults lost their entire earnings and savings in these online gambling games. The government of Tamil Nadu said that while rummy can be a game of skill, the betting game will become gambling.

The Supreme Court Bench headed by Judge Aniruddha Bose had asked for response from gaming companies such as Junglee Games, Play Games24x7 and the Head Digital Works and trade association All India Gaming Federation to the appeal by the government of Tamil Nadu to reinstate the ban.

The government of Tamil Nadu said that as far as compliance with Article 14 is concerned, the 2021 Amendment Act is reasonable because it “makes a clear classification between online games played for financial or other valuable stakes and other games” and classifies a “rational related”. with the stated purpose of the contested law to combat a pernicious addiction to gambling, which has led to numerous suicides and other economic and social damage. Nor can the contested law be classified as manifestly arbitrary, as its drafting was guided and supported by a body of data and administrative experience describing the ill effects of gambling addiction in society,” the state government said.

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