Germany Downplays Asian Involvement as Air Force Sends 13 Planes to Australia for Pitch Black Exercises

Germany is sending 13 military planes to joint exercises in Australia, the air force’s largest deployment in peacetime, underscoring Berlin’s increased focus on the Indo-Pacific amid mounting tensions in the region. Most important points: Berlin, I’m sending planes to exercises in Australia for the first time The jets join 16 other countries in the biannual … Read more

Ministry of Defense silent on last Chinese military meeting with Australian warship

Defense has cited “operational security reasons” for not discussing the recent encounters of an Australian warship with the Chinese military while sailing through international waters claimed by Beijing. Most important points: Military sources say an Australian warship has had several encounters with the Chinese military while traveling through international waters A defense figure says China … Read more

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr urges expansion of military exchanges and relations in China

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr says he wants ties with Beijing to extend beyond the dispute over the South China Sea ahead of a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi this week. Most important points: Mr Marcos says he wants to resolve maritime disputes and looks forward to military cooperation During the recent election … Read more