Rosamund Pike Divides Fans With Queen’s Funeral Video

British actress Rosamund Pike has split fans online after posting a lengthy video raving about the Queen’s funeral. The five-minute Instagram video shows a serious Pike, dressed in funeral black, telling fans that she took her two young sons, Solo and Atom, from school to watch the funeral. Pike, partner Robie Uniacke and their two … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II may have made it to 96 – but these other royals weren’t so lucky

The health of the royals has been a subject of fascination for some time now, and it’s no wonder their illnesses (and deaths!) can have such far-reaching consequences. In the past, the death of a monarch could spark deadly family feuds, civil wars and revolutions – a far cry from what we experienced after the … Read more

King Charles retreats to Balmoral to mourn the death of Elizabeth II in private

To underline its importance to her, it showed the late queen in the wilds of the Scottish hills surrounded by heather. Taken in 1971 by her cousin, the 5th Earl of Lichfield – a photographer whose archive contains a wealth of images of the Royal Family off-duty over countless Balmoral summers – she is thought … Read more

Meghan Markle makes ‘very brave’ request in letter to King Charles III in attempt to ‘clear the air’, royal commentator

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have requested a “one-on-one” meeting with King Charles III in an attempt to “clear the air,” a royal reporter claimed. Entertainment and Royal reporter Neil Sean, who has appeared on NBC News, MSNBC & Access Hollywood, claimed that a “very good source” told him that Meghan’s request was … Read more

Queen’s funeral: Simon Dorante-Day tells hours after ceremony of ‘secret meeting’ with Harry, Duke of Sussex

The Australian man who claims to be the son of King Charles III and Camilla has spoken candidly about his plans to meet Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Simon Dorante-Day has made headlines around the world with his claims, which he says are the result of decades of research (see box at the bottom of … Read more

Queen Elizabeth: Social media goes wild about spider that rides on a coffin and drops a note on the stage

It was impossible to sit next to the dignitaries, leaders and royalty of the world at the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey, but one beast managed – sneaking in by making an elevator on the coffin. Eagle-eyed viewers soon noticed a spider crawling across a note — written by King Charles — atop the coffin … Read more

Queen’s Funeral: Meeting Prince William with Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey

Princes William and Harry have had very little contact during royal engagements for the past 10 days. And that continued at the Queen’s funeral on Monday, with the once-close-knit brothers avoiding contact at different times of the day. But in the blink of an eye — and you’ll miss it — the meeting at Westminster … Read more

Meghan Markle blocked by candle during live broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey

Meghan Markle appeared to be blocked by a candle on Monday during the live broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral. The mother of two wore a black dress to match her outfit of matching heels and a wide-brimmed hat when she arrived at Westminster Abbey in London. She seemed dejected as she got out … Read more

King Charles III saw tears wipe away during emotional farewell to his mother, Queen Elizabeth

King Charles III was visibly heartbroken during many key moments of his mother’s funeral as he mourned in the public eye. After 11 days of profound change and activity since the Queen died, Charles looked distraught and exhausted as the coffin bearers carried the coffin to the abbey for the funeral service. Close-up TV footage … Read more

Prince George comforted by Sophie of Wessex at Queen’s funeral

Prince George was comforted by his great-aunt Sophie, Countess of Wessex during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London on Monday. When the 9-year-old left Westminster Abbey with his sister, Princess Charlotte, and their mother, Kate Middleton, Sophie put an arm over the young prince’s shoulder. Prince Edward’s wife, 57, wore a black dress and matching … Read more