FaZe Clan’s Wall Street Pivot has been a disaster

Photo: Faze Clan When FaZe Clan, an esports company turned gaming lifestyle agency, went public last year, it claimed to be worth $700 million. Just six months later, it’s only worth a fraction of that. Whether it’s the controversy constantly swirling around some of its members or the fact that the esports bubble has finally … Read more

Phil Spencer defends Halo’s future amid budget cuts and criticism

Image: 343 Industries / Microsoft Things haven’t been going well for Xbox lately. Microsoft is facing fierce resistance in its bid to acquire Activision Blizzard. It hardly released major exclusive blockbusters last year. And last week more than 10,000 jobs were cut, including many senior developers Bee Halo infinity studio 343 Industries. Phil Spencer, CEO … Read more

Dude is saved from firing for gaming in the best way

Photo: Alberto Ortega/Europa Press (Getty Images) That’s what the union-focused Twitter account Daily Union Elections asked the world in a recent tweet“People of the Union, what is the best complaint/[Unfair Labor Practice] you ever won?” And the world responded in kind. Like a proud one union girl herselfI thought a few stories was standing frombut … Read more

Washington Post closes gaming division amid more layoffs

Photo: Alex Wang (Getty Images) The Washington Post imposed more layoffs on Tuesday, just a week after owner Jeff Bezos visited his Washington DC office. Among the ritual offerings are Launcher, the fast-growing gaming section of the newspaper, which routinely broke important news stories, landed big interviewsand asked the tough questions. Launcher only had just … Read more

Twitter has a lot of useless video game knowledge

Image: Capcom It’s there in the Bibleask, and it will be given to you. It’s also right there on gaming Twitter where the little gaming podcast Super Pod Saga posed an innocent question on Jan. 15, people showed up to respond en masse: “What’s the most useless piece of video game knowledge you know?” Apparently, … Read more

Microsoft lays off 10,000 people ‘hurts’

Photo: Patrick T Fallon (Getty Images) A few hours agoXbox CEO Phil Spencer sent a company-wide email to all full-time employees of Microsoft’s gaming divisions. A copy of the email has been shared with my city by a current Xbox employee we have confirmed its authenticity and the full text is transcribed below: This has … Read more

Pro Gaming Champ Says He Peed In Bottle During $205,000 Tournament

Image: Valve If you have to go, you really have to go. I wish esports tournaments felt the same way about letting their competitors use the restroom. Pro player Oliver “Skiter” Lepko peed in a bottle during a running DOTA 2 tournament, citing the organizers’ rules against going to the toilet during a match. Here’s … Read more

The dream of DRM-free Steam PC games is fading

Photo: Casimiro PT (Shutterstock) Good Old Games, or GOG, the digital rights-free PC gaming marketplace and platform from CD Projekt, has officially ended a service that hasn’t felt like this world for very long. What once seemed like a promising way to slowly import parts of your Steam library to GOG, where they could exist … Read more

Your guide to creating the perfect gaming TikTok FYP

Image: Stanislav Kogiku/SOPA Images/LightRocket (Getty Images) Before I downloaded TikTok – which is currently the most downloaded app in the world– headlines tried to scare me about vile, international conspiracies transfer personal data. Adults (anyone who is at least six years older than me) tsk, tskhas reduced my generation’s shriveled attention span, and offline advocates … Read more

Gaming YouTube in turmoil over new violence and profanity rules

RTGame has been a key part of conversations about YouTube’s new profanity and violence policy.Screenshot: RT game / Kotaku Members of YouTube’s gaming community are calling out the video hosting site for adding new rules regarding the use of profanity and violent content, disproportionately affecting creators of games that produce unscripted videos, such as Let’s … Read more