Hamilton’s Mohawk College Offers Game Design Program Amid Global Gaming Boom – Hamilton

Mohawk College will use the backdrop of Hamilton’s Comic Con event this weekend to recruit students for a three-year game design program. The learning facility will offer a Game-Design Advanced Diploma program to take advantage of the expansion in the game design industry expected in the Greater Hamilton region in the coming years. Angela Stukator, … Read more

Wong is back and it’s a lawyer show

Jen has a troublesome client in Emil, aka Abomination.Screenshot: Disney+/Marvel Studios Say what you want about She-Hulk: Lawyer, but every time it appears to have a major problem, it is immediately addressed. A big question at the end of the first episode was answered quickly in the second-aand in the third episode entitled ‘The People … Read more

Texas Church Sorry for Unauthorized Production of Hamilton with Biblical Rewrite

A Texas church has apologized to Hamilton’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for the unauthorized biblical rewrite of his hit musical. The Door McAllen Church production rewrote the bolder lyrics to refer to Jesus, adding a scene where Alexander Hamilton repents. It reportedly ended with a sermon Inviting people who are “struggling” with alcohol, drugs, or homosexuality … Read more

Personal bankruptcies are on the rise

At the same time, the cost of living is increasing, as is the number of Canadian consumers filing for bankruptcy. Data released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada shows that the number of Canadians filing for personal bankruptcy may return to pre-pandemic levels. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, government subsidies … Read more

Supporting Victoria’s Growing Digital Game Industry

The Victorian government has supported the state’s thriving digital games sector to set a record year and cement the state’s position as Australia’s epicenter for the industry. Over the past year, government-backed digital games injected $9.7 million into the state economy, up 117 percent from the previous year. “Through our $191.5 million VicScreen strategy, we … Read more

Canadian house prices fall in June

A single family home for sale in Vancouver on July 6.JENNIFER GAUTHIER/The Globe and Mail Canada’s housing market slowed for the third straight month in June, with house prices collapsing – the largest monthly decline ever – as borrowing costs soar and buyers struggle to qualify for a mortgage. According to the Canadian Real Estate … Read more