Gaming event for cancer charity overshadowed by wakeful complaining

Gamers playing video games in a photo taken on August 23, 2017. | (Image: REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay) Sorry cancer patients, the radical left has decided that their feelings are more important than raising money for your health. Video game-based charity Games Done Quick has announced it is pulling its live event from Florida amid concerns related … Read more

Cancer, pre-pregnancy chemotherapy do not increase risk of stillbirth in adolescent and young adult women

Adolescent and young adult women who were diagnosed with cancer and received chemotherapy prior to pregnancy had no higher risk of stillbirth, according to research led by Caitlin C. Murphy, PhD, MPH, with UTHealth Houston. The study was recently published in the online version of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. There are … Read more

Green tea molecule can break protein tangles in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists at UCLA have used a molecule found in green tea to identify additional molecules that could break protein tangles in the brain thought to cause Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. The green tea molecule, EGCG, is known to break down tau fiber -; long, multilayered filaments that form tangles that attack neurons, causing them to … Read more

Tumors generate unique, temporary cell-in-cell structures to evade immunotherapy

Scientists have shown how tumor cells evade immune therapy by generating unique, temporary cell-in-cell structures, leaving the inner cells intact and able to revert to individual tumor cells. These findings, published today in eLife, offer a new theory of how tumor cells avoid destruction by the immune system. They may also inform the development of … Read more

Mental skills slow down with age, but seniors gain in other ways: study – consumer health news

MONDAY, Sept. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Seniors, there’s good news and bad news from a new mental health study. The brain-focused research confirms that mental abilities decline with age — but it also finds that many people over 60 have better psychological health than people in their 20s. “We wanted to better understand the … Read more

Your daily horoscope: September 18

HOROSCOPES IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY A Mercury-Jupiter link on your birthday will encourage you to believe that a “can do” attitude will overcome all obstacles. That may be theoretically true, but it takes more than blind faith to get what you wish for this year. It will also be hard work. RAM (March 21 … Read more

Study finds link between air pollution and lung cancer; Explains why non-smokers get sick

Scientists have discovered how lung cancer is caused by air pollution, which also helps researchers better understand the disease, a report from The Guardian reveals. Pexels Led by Prof Charles Swanton of the Francis Crick Institute, he presented the findings at the European Society for Medical Oncology Conference in Paris on Saturday. Today, smoking remains … Read more

Doctors remove gauze accidentally left in patient for 20 years

It was a lost gauze. One woman ended up having a piece of gauze removed from her body for more than 20 years after a forgetful doctor left it in her gut during a procedure. A case study on her surgical straggler was published in the Cureus Medical Journal in July 2022. “The patient remained … Read more

Your daily horoscope: September 17

HOROSCOPES IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY The more others try to talk you out of your plans for the year ahead, the more confident you need to be that you’re on the right track. All they care about is what their efforts look like compared to yours – and they look second-rate next to you! … Read more

Walking intensity and number of steps are linked to health benefits

Even a little walking can help prevent serious illness and death, and a brisk walk can be especially beneficial, according to a survey of nearly 80,000 middle-aged and older adults. Every extra 2,000 steps per day — up to 10,000 — was associated with 8% to 11% fewer deaths and fewer heart disease and cancer, … Read more