Washington Post closes gaming division amid more layoffs

Photo: Alex Wang (Getty Images) The Washington Post imposed more layoffs on Tuesday, just a week after owner Jeff Bezos visited his Washington DC office. Among the ritual offerings are Launcher, the fast-growing gaming section of the newspaper, which routinely broke important news stories, landed big interviewsand asked the tough questions. Launcher only had just … Read more

Esports Pros Fight Elon Musk’s Twitter To Dump Crypto Sponsor

Photo: Joe Brady (Getty Images) In April, crypto exchange FTX paid esports company TSM $210 million to change his name to TSMFTX. On Wednesday, TSM FTX changed its name back to plain old TSM days after FTX filed for bankruptcy after the biggest crash in crypto history. And it only had to spam Twitter’s save … Read more

Popular gaming twitter shuts down in wake of Elon Musk acquisition

Image: Nibel If you are someone who likes to keep up to date with gaming news, chances are you are a follower of the pseudonymous Twitter account @Nibellion, along with nearly half a million others. Except, no more, when the person behind the account announced he’s going to close it all, citing a lack of … Read more

Oh Brother Elon Musk Is Having Problems With The Rings Of Power

Elon MuskPhoto: Michael Gonzalez (Getty Images) Culture Critic Elon Musk Has Spoken, And He’s Not A Fan Of Prime Videos Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. Given what Musk (a 51-year-old billionaire with nine young children) has found cool and uncool so far, does his negative review make you more or less inclined … Read more

Jeff Bezos tweets about eating McDonalds

Jeff Bezos can eat a McDonald’s burger with nostalgia, though the rest of us have a hard time digesting it.Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is humanity’s McDonald’s burger – an obscenely dry, right thing that hides its own curiosity nature with alssoaping of spices and toppings. Both man and citizen represent … Read more