Suncity cage director gives details of inner workings during 2020 Suncity bank run, but denies link to online gaming – IAG

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The former director of the Suncity Group cage, Ho Cheng I, told a Macau court on Tuesday that she did not participate in telephone betting activities and was unaware that accounts may have been linked to Universal e-City at the time. they have a large number of customer refunds in July 2020.

Ho has been charged with illegal gambling.

The Philippines-based Universal e-City, which offered proxy betting services, is said to be linked to Suncity as its online gaming portal. But defendants, including Alvin Chau, have repeatedly stated that Universal e-City is a separate company that only maintained a friendly relationship with the group.

According to evidence presented in court, there was a “wave of refunds” – otherwise known as a bank run – from Suncity Group in July 2020, with a large number of people who had deposited funds in Suncity accounts demanding refunds.

Ho said Tuesday that so many customers came to Suncity to withdraw their money that Suncity set up a Money Compliance Committee, including Alvin Chau, Lou Seak Fong and Loi Vincent. The prosecution argued that the commission was involved in telephone gambling activities.

As reported by Indoor Asian gaming Chau had recorded a seven-minute video message at the time in July 2020 in which he took the unprecedented step of disclosing Suncity VIP Club’s finances following rumors that the group had been targeted by mainland Chinese authorities, which those authorities held. information from their customers and that Suncity was unable to cover its customers’ financial deposits.

Chau denied all those rumors, stating: “We have the ability and enough capital to offset any bad debts and chip deposits from all customers. I would like to reiterate that Suncity is a very stable financial platform.”

Ho told the court that when a customer went to Suncity to withdraw money, the money compliance would review the customer’s information and that if the customer was a shareholder of Suncity, there would be someone to follow up. However, she stressed that she was simply handling the deposits and withdrawals for the customer and had no authority to approve the customer’s account, nor the authority to know the approval process, let alone whether the customer was dealing with over the phone. bet .

“In July 2020, the company had money problems and in October 2020 it received a message from its superiors to help Universal e-City customers withdraw their funds,” she said. Ho pointed out that her supervisor was the eighth defendant, Wong Pak Ling, but she said she didn’t know why she needed to help Universal e-City.

She explained that some customers had asked to transfer funds from their Universal e-City accounts to their Suncity accounts, but she was unaware that it was illegal to help them withdraw their funds.

“If it was about phone betting, I wouldn’t have done it,” she said.

She also pointed out that she was unaware that Universal e-City was operating a telephone betting company and thought it was just a foreign VIP room.

The eleventh defendant in the case, Suncity’s deputy director of operations, Leong Su Weng, is accused of participating in “under-the-table betting” and betting over the phone. He said in his defense that he was not involved in either one.

However, the prosecution presented evidence that Leung had contacted Cheong Chi Kin and stated that a customer had been gambling under the table. Leong explained, “If a customer had a betting request under the table, I would have contacted the betting company and Cheong Chi Kin, but I was not involved.”

The prosecution asked, “Does this mean you knew about the under-the-table bets?”

Leong replied, “If you go into a casino, you will see a lot of people betting under the table.”

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