Seven Tops Multi-Network Coverage from Royal Funeral

Collectively, an estimated 3 million metro viewers watched the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II last night – even higher when regional Australians and subscription TV are added to the mix.

With so many networks broadcasting the event — and coded differently from network to network — there’s only one quick way to understand where they’ve fallen: by looking at the primetime share.

Between 6pm and 2am, Seven emerged as the network with the highest overall share at 30.2%, ahead of Nine at 27.7% and just above ABC at 27.6%.

Network 10 lagged with 8.8% and SBS with 5.6%.

The highest individual program was 7News: The Grateful Goodbye at 975,000 metro viewers.

For Nine, the largest audience was 879,000, while for ABC it was 708,000, but ABC News channels drew to 362,000.

Individually, ABC pulled a 17.5% share for ABC TV and 8.7% for ABC News, which, added together as 26.2%, is Nine’s primary channel of 24.5% pips, but the 26.5 % of Seven follows.

Network 10 offered alternate display with Did you pay attention? (324,000), 10 News first (247,000 / 181,000), The project (217,000 / 187,000), The Amazing Race Australia (185,000) and Just for Laughs Australia (115,000). 10 BOLD, which it devoted to Royal coverage, achieved a share of only 2.2%.

It was on SBS SBS World News (109,000 / 79,000), and the Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II (104,000).

sunrise: 225,000
Today: 217,000
News Breakfast: 113,000 / 58,000

In Total TV issues from last Monday were:

The Amazing Race Australia: 653,000
The block 1.39m
Farmer seeks wife: 1.06m
HYBPA?: 970,000
watching media: 645,000

OzTAM Overnight stays: Monday, September 19, 2022

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