SCP-inspired games have much more potential

After regaining traction online with people like The shop is closedthe SCP . Foundation sees a resurgence and shows that the fan-built wealth of content is still brimming with untapped gaming possibilities. Starting back in 2007 with the first “submission” of SCP-173, the community has since exploded with literally thousands of other SCP posts, which have inspired a lot more fan-created content, including novels, movies, and even games. from the last one The shop is closed for the many interpretations of SCP-087, indie games like this one could pave the way for more mainstream interest.


But while there may be a plethora of content to draw from for current or future SCP games, there are hurdles that can keep larger developers from taking on a project inspired by SCP content. Whether due to copyright or the size and scope of such projects, the SCP Foundation has seemingly only been able to make its mark on the indie scene thanks to the efforts of its fans. However, with such an engaged community and endless possibilities for games of different genres, gameplay and more, it seems a shame to waste such potential.

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SCP and its current game history

It wouldn’t be until 2012 that the first SCP game would be made, but its release coincided with the growing trend of early Let’s Players like PewDiePie and Markiplier playing similar indie horror games. Based on and named after SCP-087, the design was very rudimentary, consisting of just a single staircase down with alternating steps between each level. There is no way to “beat” the game as the goal seems to be simple to survive as long as possible until the player is inevitably killed by the SCP entity.

This could be the reason why SCP games have become so prominent in the indie scene, because with the right source material, these games don’t require intensive development, relying on limited settings and basic mechanics. This is supported by the significant number of games also based on SCP-087, as the concept is easy to reproduce. However, this hasn’t prevented later SCP games from improving, likely due to the same community developing just as well over time, even to the point where the same SCP-087 inspired games are now joining other horror games. insert into VR.

The most recent games like The shop is closed and SCP – Containment Fracture (currently recreated in the Unity engine to market and eventually modernize today’s gamers) reflect a comprehensive approach to SCP games through two different interpretations. For example, The shop is closed revolves around one specific SCP entry, forcing players to come face-to-face with the paranormal location, entity, or item. SCP – Containment Fractureon the other hand, is more ambitious and focuses on the Foundation itself rather than just one particular SCP, putting the game in a facility filled with many SCPs.

Future potential of SCP in gaming

While The shop is closed has yet to be released, of all the current SCP projects in development, it is one of the few that still appears to be running. This may illustrate that the gaming scene behind SCP content has been in limbo since 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic may be a likely reason why, as it pulled fans away from these projects. But with the success of Check and its resemblance to the SCP Foundation and the dozens of SCP-inspired games, it’s clear that fans are yearning for more, especially with calls for a Check continuation.

So realistically, time and money is the biggest obstacle for the SCP community in developing these games. Like many other SCP projects The shop is closed relied on crowdfunding, which is a viable solution, but only to the extent that the community is willing or able to spend. These developers are also often small, sometimes even just one person, further increasing the challenges in game development. A better option would be to find more reliable support elsewhere such as publishers instead, but this moves the project from fan-made to corporate and puts the copyright in question.

While the community strives to maintain its Creative Commons license, it does stipulate that content is attributed. This isn’t outright bad, but it could discourage a publisher if it’s unable to build a franchise or brand from successful SCP-based games, especially if it hopes to rival Remedy Entertainment’s Check. Worse, the fair use of SCP is also currently under threat after Andrey Duskin registered it as his trademark in Russia in a blow to gaming, something many fans heard about when Markiplier publicly sided with the SCP community. With a legal quagmire ahead, mainstream SCP . Foundation games may be dead in the water, but the potential for the vast treasure trove of stories remains.

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