Rosamund Pike Divides Fans With Queen’s Funeral Video

British actress Rosamund Pike has split fans online after posting a lengthy video raving about the Queen’s funeral.

The five-minute Instagram video shows a serious Pike, dressed in funeral black, telling fans that she took her two young sons, Solo and Atom, from school to watch the funeral.

Pike, partner Robie Uniacke and their two children are currently based in Prague, where she is filming a new TV series.

“I took my kids to school to watch the funeral, streamed live by the BBC. The coverage, as you will no doubt agree, was exemplary and an example of what British broadcasters can do best,” she began.

“My youngest son loved seeing Princess Charlotte swinging her legs on the perch – and I said I’m sure Princess Charlotte, like all people, finds it hard to sit still,” she continued.

“Especially at a service of such great solemnity…I think, as he squirmed on my lap, he was glad that within the formality there is also room to be who you are.”

Pike said she was “deeply moved” at several points during the funeral, praising “when the national anthem was played and the mixture of God protect the king and God save the queen reminded us of the words that are now changing and a new era has dawned.

“I am proud of our country and I have so much admiration. My thoughts… my thoughts,” the gone girl star closed.

The reactions under her Instagram post have been largely positive, with fans praising Pike for her eloquence.

“This is history and your culture teaches us so much, glad your kids can see it and something will stay in their minds and hearts. Thanks for sharing with us,” wrote one fan.

“Beautiful. I found it very moving to watch! Really the end of an era,” said another.

But soon the clip took on a life of its own on Twitter, after one person shared it with the following caption:

“Rosamund Pike had her two kids sit and watch the Queen’s funeral and made a FIVE (5) minute video about it and it’s as unhinged as you’d expect.”

In a follow-up tweet, that same person called the clip “INSANE.”

Others shared the clip with their own mocking comments, one of which wrote, “I used to have the biggest celebrity crush on her and now I’m ashamed.”

“British people are not real,” another joked.

Others soon intervened, mocking the star’s serious delivery and pointing to her top-shelf British upbringing. The only child of two opera singers, Pike was born in West London and graduated with honors from Oxford University.

Pike’s comments come as a handful of celebs unexpectedly appeared on the guest list Monday at the Queen’s funeral.

kill eve star Sandra Oh, who was made an Officer of the Order of Canada earlier this year, was spotted in the crowd, as was British TV presenter Bear Grylls.

Here in Australia, the funeral attracted a large TV audience, with Seven’s live coverage taking the top two spots in Monday’s ratings.

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