Queen’s death: Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s future in question after telling details at funeral

For a moment the bickering about uniform seemed unworthy, the saga about insignia irrelevant.

At Westminster Abbey, which has witnessed truly memorable chapters in Britain’s history, the vanity of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry has been reduced to mere insignificant detail.

In the days since the Queen’s death, there has been a sense of suspense of hostilities and shared grief.

Likewise, in the great church where monarchs are crowned and mourned, there was a powerful reminder that family unity is as important as public affection in binding the monarchy to the nation.

Yesterday was not just about pulling the curtain over the Elizabethan era, it was also the day when the baton of royal symbolism was passed from a mother to a son. King Charles has a tray bursting with challenging demands, from supporting a Commonwealth to holding together a shaky United Kingdom.

But his first test, and one that can determine his reign, is to resolve a family crisis that has saddened his mother so much in her final years.

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