Queen said she had ‘no regrets’ days before her death

Five days before her death, the queen told friends she had no regrets.

She also joked about sending a top cleric to the Tower of London.

Rt Rev Dr. Church of Scotland moderator Iain Greenshields stayed in Balmoral the weekend before she died.

He told ABC News in the US that Her Majesty’s Christian faith was fundamental to her government.

“She said at the beginning of her time, when she became queen, that she would ask God for wisdom,” said Dr. green shields.

He added: “And that’s something that lasted all her life.

“When I was talking to her about her faith, she said she didn’t regret it.

“She had power, but she used it in a way that was beneficial to others by serving her country and by doing it so well.”

dr. Greenshields recalled that there were no signs of her going into her final days.

“She was 96. And you could see her vulnerability,” he said. “But as soon as she started talking, a very different kind of person came forward.

“Someone whose memory was exceptional, someone who knew everything about you, so she had done her homework.”

dr. Greenshields also revealed a cheeky story about the Queen and provided insight into her sense of humor.

‘I was staying in the Tower Rooms and she said, ‘Your queen is sending you to the Tower!’

“And she just smiled at me as she said that — she made sure I understood the joke instead of it being too serious.”

He added: “It just seemed amazing that the woman who had been so vital, so alive, so captivating, was suddenly dead and not with us.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished here with permission

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