Queen Elizabeth: Social media goes wild about spider that rides on a coffin and drops a note on the stage

It was impossible to sit next to the dignitaries, leaders and royalty of the world at the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey, but one beast managed – sneaking in by making an elevator on the coffin.

Eagle-eyed viewers soon noticed a spider crawling across a note — written by King Charles — atop the coffin as it was carried into the abbey.

“The most famous spider in the world right now,” one viewer tweeted.

The spider crawls over the note that King Charles left to the Queen.
Camera iconThe spider crawls over the note that King Charles left to the Queen. Credit: The Western Australian

Another said: “Um, are you invited, mate?”

The eight-legged guest then disappeared into the sea of ​​flowers, cut from the gardens of Buckingham Palace, adorning the coffin and right next to the jewel-encrusted crown—never to be seen again.

But the brief appearance of the incy wincy spider has had social media tongues wagging.

Shazzle tweeted: “Little spider on the map on the chest – just want to pay his respects too.”

Another posted: “God save the Royal Spider.”

One person comically wrote how shocked the little creature must be: “Imagine you are a spider in the garden and you fall asleep in a pink rose.

“When you wake up, you stretch all your little legs and realize that you are suddenly naked in Westminster Abbey, on the Queen’s coffin before the eyes of world leaders and billions of people.”

The blink-and-you-will-it-moment wasn’t the only non-scripted event to grab attention.

The internet also lit up over a dropped bill in the camera shot of the Queen’s casket.

As the service began, a prominent religious figure dropped the piece of paper.

And it lay on the floor of the abbey within camera capture – just to the right of the queen’s coffin.

Of course, it didn’t escape the scrutiny of viewers, with one writing, “Everyone just saw this man drop a piece of paper near the Queen’s coffin, he must have been mortified.”

And Erin White said, “The world is staring at this piece of paper on the floor.”

The note falls to the trap near the chest.
Camera iconThe note falls to the trap near the chest. Credit: The Western Australian

Fortunately, the note was picked up – from the camera recording – and everyone was happy.

Except maybe nine presenters Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw, who caught an embarrassing flu when they covered the famous faces who arrived at the service.

When British Prime Minister Liz Truss arrived for the funeral, Overton and Grimshaw did not know who it was.

Suggesting it could be a “minor royal,” Grimshaw said, “Who is this? No, hard to identify, maybe underage royals, members of the… I can’t identify them.

“Unfortunately, we can’t spot everyone.”

British Prime Minister Liz Truss gives a lecture at the funeral in Westminster Abbey.
Camera iconBritish Prime Minister Liz Truss gives a lecture at the funeral in Westminster Abbey. Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Grimshaw and Overton eventually realized she was the most powerful woman in Britain.

And you have to sympathize with actress Sandra Oh, who made viewers wonder how she got an invitation to the funeral.

“Being Sandra Oh at the Queen’s funeral remains one of the most random things that could ever happen,” one viewer wrote.

Another mused, “Sandra Oh attending the Queen’s funeral was not the crossover I expected today.”

The Grey’s Anatomy star was enlisted after recently being named an Officer of the Order of Canada, the country’s second-highest civilian honor.

Viewers were equally stunned by the presence of TV adventurer Bear Grylls, who represented the Scout Association at the abbey.

Piece of paper steals the spotlight at Queen’s funeral.

Piece of paper steals the spotlight at Queen’s funeral.

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