Polkastarter publishes list of nominees for the inaugural GAM3 gaming award

  • Polkastarter Gaming has released the list of 106 Web 3 games up for more than $400,000 in prizes in the first-ever GAM3 Awards.
  • The awards ceremony aims to drive adoption of the highly optimistic Web 3.0 gaming industry.

Polkastarter Gaming, a project launched by the cross-chain decentralized exchange protocol Polkastarter (POL) to promote blockchain gaming, has released the list of participants in its first-ever Web 3.0 gaming award event, GAM3 Awards.

The final nominees for the event, which is scheduled for December 15, will include 106 games across 13 blockchain networks that will be in the running to be awarded in 16 categories after a panel of judges, community members and game industry players cast their votes. have released.

The nominees, chosen for their contribution to gaming rather than tokenonics, included names such as Illuvium, Big Time, Gods Unchained, The Harvest and Superior in the Game of the Year category.

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Other categories in the award include the most anticipated game, the best graphics, the best action game, the best mobile game, the best adventure game, the best RPG, the best casual game, the best shooting game, the best strategy game, the best card game, the best multiplayer game and best eSports game.

Well-known names in the categories include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Star Atlas, and Guild of Guardians. In a statement, Urvit Goel, the head of Global Games at Polygon Studios, noted that the list shows how many high-quality blockchain games are being built and the passion of builders.

It’s an amazing list of quality games that really showcase what’s to come in the blockchain gaming space. The GAM3 Awards have shown how many high-quality blockchain games are being built, and the passion of those builders. It is also clear that Polygon continues to lead the way when it comes to quality, quantity and diversity of web3 games.

GAM3 Awards will boost the popularity of Web 3.0 gaming

Polkastarter Gaming plans to hand out more than $300,000 in prizes to the game makers at the awards ceremony which will be streamed live. The games are rated based on multiple criteria including core running, graphics, accessibility, replayability factor, fun elements and overall gameplay experience.

Specifically, the titles nominated in the Game of the Year category are games that all compete with leading traditional games for quality while promoting blockchain elements such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Polkastarter has noted that it intends to boost the popularity and adoption of Web 3.0 gaming with the annual event. Web 3.0 gaming, meanwhile, has come a long way with more than $1.1 billion in investment in the third quarter of 2022 according to a Dappradar report.

The report also estimates that investments in web 3 gaming could reach $10 billion throughout 2022, despite the bear market that the blockchain space has endured. It is estimated that the industry sector would have seen more than double the $4 billion mark by 2021, a very optimistic turnout that points to huge potential.

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