Playing Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming | iPhone or Android

Since Fortnite cannot be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store, Xbox stepped in to let us play Fortnite on our smartphones thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming on both iPhone and Android. Fortnite is available completely for free on Xbox Cloud Gaming. You just need a good internet connection to play.

After some simple steps, you can finally play Fortnite on your smart device again. With touchscreen controls and controller options, this could be the best way to play the game on your phone anyway.

If this all sounds good to you and you can’t wait to play Fortnite again while sitting on the toilet, read on below to find out how to play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone and Android.

Playing Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android and iPhone

To play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android and iPhone devices, you must first link your Epic Games account to your Microsoft account.

Just log in to Epic Games and go to your account settings. Find and select “Connections”, scroll down to Xbox and choose to connect. Log in and you are connected and ready to go.

Now that you’ve linked your Epic Games and Microsoft accounts, follow these steps to play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android:

  • Visit the Xbox Cloud Gaming website (do it here)
    • Log in via the empty avatar image in the top right corner of the screen
  • Find Fortnite and play for free
    • It should be on the Xbox Cloud Gaming homepage, but if it isn’t, you’ll have to search for it

Fortunately, it is really a simple process. If you also want to speed things up for future reference, you can always bookmark the page in your browser or add it to your home screen for quick access. Simply tap the blue share button in Safari or the three dots symbol in Chrome and select “Add” or “Add to Home Screen”. Hey presto, you have Fortnite on your smartphone again.

Also remember that Xbox Cloud Gaming should allow you to play Fortnite with touchscreen controls or a controller (the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S controller should work just fine).

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