Paul Gallen takes a big hit at Matt Lodge’s fight offer

Paul Gallen rejected Matt Lodge’s terms of a fight after the Roosters gag took to social media to summon the 41-year-old to an event where he would donate his entire wallet to charity.

With one fight left on his deal with promoters No Limit, Gallen agreed to face Justin Hodges in a fight in December following his wins over the former Maroons player and Ben Hannant last week.

But that didn’t stop Lodge from posting on Instagram, not to “invite” Gallen to a proposed match, which would see the controversial attacker walk away from the fight without a “single dollar”, with the front rower taking a shot instead. would make a proposal. GoFundMe with a goal of $1 million from the public to donate after the fight.

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“He wants to raise money, doesn’t he?” Gallen asked Wide World of Sports. “So again he doesn’t really do anything. Again he’s looking for other people to donate their hard-earned money to make him look good.”

Lodge loses a week-one final with the Roosters after joining the club mid-season from the Warriors, who paid out the attacker’s $700,000 salary in full before moving on.

“If he really wants to donate money and take care of these people, donate the money he doesn’t work hard for, he’ll get $700,000 from the Warriors, donate that to charity,” Gallen said.

“Prove how much you want to help people. Don’t use other people’s hard-earned money, don’t use my profile.

“You do something yourself. You stand up. Everything I’ve heard him say, he does absolutely nothing. He’s asking other people to donate money, $1 million, and he’ll fight me. Shut up, buddy .”

In 2015, Lodge spent two weeks in New York’s infamous Rikers Island Prison for assault and escaping jail time when a judge released him on parole after serving community service and being treated for anger and alcohol abuse.

In the post, Lodge called on NRL fans who have booed him in the past to make money to see him “punished”.

“By my calculations there must be about 50,000 people booing me for every touch of the ball for years, that’s only $20 each. Come on guys, put your money where your mouth is. It’s for a good cause and hopefully I can stop some kids who make the same mistakes as me,” he said.

Gallen was less than impressed with the proposal.

“Did you see what he wrote? Everyone wants me to be punished. Maybe he should have been punished more for what he did,” Gallen said.

“He’s the one who needs to get over this. Stop punishing yourself Matt. You have to get on with your life.

“He’s the one bringing this up. I’m not bringing up what he did. No one else is.

“Rugby league is a forgiving game and you do get a second chance.

“You are on more than your second chance, you are on your third club. You have been supported by the Broncos, Warriors and now the Roosters.

“How you got that deal ($700,000 to walk away from the Warriors) is unbelievable. Mate, you can’t change what happened. Stop beating yourself for it, what’s done, is done. You’re going to give me don’t use and have the skin to ask other people to donate money. Do it yourself.”

The former NSW captain said the post is “shameful”, with many NRL players coming out of the woodwork to fight him with the end nigh. Gallen said he verbally agreed to fight Hodges and would not do a “PR stunt” with Lodge in the ring.

“Why would I get involved in this? He said it’s not a call, so I’m glad he’s not calling me,” Gallen said.

“He called me out without calling me out. Just like he tries to raise money without doing it himself. Ridiculous.

“People see through it. Everything he said in that post, he’s doing for no one but himself.”

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