EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Kate Middleton’s brother James and an investigation into a £52,000 credit card payment

Though only 35 years old, the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton has already blazed an adventurous path through the commercial world by founding three companies. But the Midas touch of his parents, who have made millions from Party Pieces, the company they famously started in their kitchen, has stubbornly eluded him until now. Unfortunately, … Read more

Rockstar Games Insider gives GTA 6 release date update

A Rockstar Games insider has given a release date update to Grand Theft Auto fans related to GTA 6† The report comes in the manner of a prominent Rockstar Games insider, Fast 2† According to the reliable leaker, Rockstar is currently aiming to release the game sometime between late 2023 and early 2024. This is … Read more

Drinking four cups of coffee a day made my anxiety worse, so I cut out all the caffeine

Last year I drank up to four cups of coffee a day. I often work early shifts, so I felt I needed that boost, and I found myself drinking more as I recovered from COVID and secluded myself with my coffee maker. Around the same time, I noticed that my anxiety was worsening. At times … Read more

Veterans of Carter-era inflation warn Biden lacks resources to tame prices

WASHINGTON — With inflation soaring in the late 1970s, President Jimmy Carter convened his top economic advisers for weekly luncheons, during which they tended to make overly optimistic predictions about how high prices would rise. But the political consequences of rising prices could not be avoided: By 1978, Democrats had lost seats in the House … Read more

World’s first cloned mice made from freeze-dried skin cells | Science

Researchers have created cloned mice from freeze-dried skin cells in a world first that aims to help conservationists revive populations of endangered species. The breakthrough paves the way for countries to store animal skin cells as an insurance policy, as the cells could be used to create clones that increase the genetic diversity of the … Read more

Scary vs Ind 2022 – 5th Test – Edgbaston

The night before the fifth Test between England and India in Edgbaston, Ben Stokes watched “Elvis”, the biographical drama about rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. You wouldn’t describe Stokes or his teammates as cinephiles, although they often go to the cinema on test match weeks to pass the time. Choosing the movie is usually … Read more

Why ‘Minions’ beat ‘Lightyear’ at the box office

Last weekend, two blockbuster animation franchises went head to head at the box office. One of them took advantage of buzz − and it wasn’t “Lightyear”. In just three days, Universal and Illumination’s “Minions: The Rise of Gru” grossed over $107 million in domestic ticket sales and surpassed $200 million worldwide. Its rival, Disney and … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Reunites One of Gaming’s Greatest Franchises

Xbox Game Pass just reunited one of gaming’s greatest sagas. For most of 2021, Sega’s entire Yakuza series was accessible from start to finish through Game Pass. However, by the end of the year this was no longer the case as Yakuza 0† Yakuza Kiwamiand Yakuza Kiwami 2 all left the service. Thankfully, for those … Read more

Grey-Bruce has so far not been affected by the summer wave of COVID, says MOH

Links to breadcrumbs News Local news Publication date: 05 July 2022 † 50 minutes ago † 3 minutes reading † Join the conversation An illustration of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Getty Images jpg, SP Article content Some infectious disease experts are calling a rise in virus transmission indicators a “summer wave,” but waters … Read more