Opera GX and TikTok team up with BlindWarriorSven to challenge gamers beyond their limits

Opera GX today announced that it is partnering with TikTok for the #GamingForAll Challenge on behalf of AbleGamers, a non-profit organization dedicated to using gaming to foster inclusive communities and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Opera GX, ‘the browser for gamers’, is on a mission to enable all users to pursue their passion for gaming, regardless of their goals or skills. That’s why they team up with visually impaired Street Fighter champion BlindWarriorSven to inspire gamers to challenge themselves to overcome their personal obstacles – whatever they are.

At the center of the campaign is blind professional gamer Sven van de Wege – better known by his opponents as BlindWarriorSven – who lost his sight to cancer when he was only six years old… but never lost his love for gaming. With guts and dedication, Sven was able to teach himself to play by relying solely on his hearing, memory and an undying determination. Sven inspired the brand to launch the Opera GX #GamingForAll Challenge: a unique TikTok challenge in which Opera GX challenges gamers to challenge themselves by playing their favorite game without using their sight, just like Sven. For every upload on the platform, the brand donates $0.5 USD to AbleGamers.

To publicize the activation, which was made by Madrid-based advertising agency Officer & Gentleman, the brand is launching a promotional video featuring BlindWarriorSven. The spot tells the unique story of Sven and shows how he challenged himself not only to play again, but also to become the best.

According to Alex Katz, executive creative director at Officer & Gentleman, “Sven is an inspiration to gamers and those who have never picked up a controller in their lives. He had to overcome obstacles most of us never dreamed of so that he could continue pursuing his passion, and that’s enough to make everyone try even harder to achieve their goals, no matter how daunting.”

“This collaboration between Sven, Opera GX, TikTok and AbleGamers allows us to encourage gamers to overcome their personal obstacles while having fun, challenging themselves and raising money for charity.” said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

The challenge, launched today, will be enhanced by a live event on October 2 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where participants will meet Sven in person and challenge him in Street Fighter V. The stream will take place at 6:00 PM CEST on theScore Esports’ TikTok channel at tiktok.com/@thescoreesports

“I love helping people face their own fears, as well as having new opponents in Street Fighter. Game on – see you in Amsterdam!” said Sven Van de Wege.

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