oops! The latest Destiny 2 hotfix has removed some incredibly hard-to-earn achievements

The Traveler from Destiny 2 from orbit.

(Image credit: Bungie)

To update: As of 7pm PT, the game is still offline, and says Bungie it will remain so “till the evening”. I called correctly that a full rollback of player accounts would be required, so bad news if you manage to drop the hierarchy of needs in the limited time the game was live before the problem was identified. I will update again once Destiny 2 is live.

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‘Shadow’. ‘Conqueror’. King Slayer. These are things that absolutely no one will ever mention to me, but I proudly display all three of them on my guardians while playing Destiny 2. Each is a cosmetic title that must be earned by completing a checklist of triumphs required for a certain “seal”. Once the seal is completed, you can wear the corresponding “title”. Some triumphs are simple, such as accumulating enough of a certain type of kill, while others are quite tricky, such as requiring entire raids to be carried out without anyone on the team dying.

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