Nonprofit video game publisher wants to break into gaming space ‘with God’s word’

Published: September 23, 2022

Photo from the Instagram of Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design

Nonprofit video game publisher wants to break into gaming space ‘with God’s word’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Nonprofit video game publisher Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design has announced the upcoming release of their first video game, “The Anointed: David Saves Keilah.”

Set during 1 Samuel chapters 22 and 23, players can play as David and hide from King Saul and his army.

This game is the first of three video games that IMD will release, all following the life of King David.

Part of the reason IMD wants to release these kinds of games is due to the skyrocketing number of teens who are depressed and commit suicide.

“According to the CDC, youth suicide rates rose during Covid-19, while depression, anxiety and anxiety have reached all-time highs,” said IMD Interactive chairman Drayton Cosby. “Showing people that God is looking for them in difficult times is a big reason why we were led to merge the Bible and gaming.”

Matt Clark, Chief Technology Officer of IMD Interactive, added: “We are breaking into the gaming world with God’s Word, because that’s where younger generations spend most of their time. Our hearts are focused on equipping young leaders, supporting parents and giving churches more tools to grow so our society can thrive.”

IMD Interactive Chief Operating Officer and Head of Interactive Carlo Romano is particularly committed to spreading the game’s message; he lost a young relative to suicide.

“Losing a loved one to suicide is hard, you never fully recover as a family,” he explained. “But we know the power of the Bible and the wisdom it contains, so if we can convey it the right way, lives can change.”

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