Natalie Cassidy Weight Loss: EastEnders Star Lost 3rd By Scraping One Nutritious Food

EastEnders icon Natalie Cassidy has lost a whopping three stones over the years, slimming down from a size 16 to a size eight after overhauling her lifestyle. So what changes has she made to lose weight?

Natalie’s go-to treats that she considered her “downfall” include cheese, chips, and dips.

But she forced herself to give them up to lose some weight, and she soon noticed a difference.

Despite cutting them from her diet, cheese is often found in weight loss plans as it is a great source of calcium, fat and protein and contains high amounts of vitamins A and B12 along with zinc and phosphorus.

One study suggests that including calcium-rich low-fat dairy products in low-calorie meals may help people lose some weight while protecting their bone health.

While cheese can be good for humans, it should be eaten in moderation as it is often high in saturated fat and salt, which can lead to high cholesterol and other health problems.

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Speaking on the RunPod podcast, she explained that her running group keeps her motivated, saying, “We’ve suddenly become this little team of people and we’re so close.

“We have WhatsApp groups and we go out together and we post our runs and it gives you motivation.”

With her newfound passion for nutrition and fitness, Natalie has built a healthier relationship with her body.

Now she feels “much more confident and comfortable” with herself, which motivates her to keep going.

“I’ve learned how to eat and how to be comfortable with who I am,” she said.

She showed off her slimmer figure at the National TV Awards in 2020 and showed off her new petite size in a gorgeous black suit.

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