Monitor vs TV for gaming PS5 in 2023

A closer look at the differences between TVs and monitors when playing the PS5

Updated: January 30, 2023 2:53 PM

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The PS5 is by many parameters the best gaming console ever made.

It really is the pinnacle of technology as far as consoles go. But we all know that a console is only as good as the display we pair it with.

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So let’s see what is better to enjoy PS5 to the fullest, a TV or a monitor.

Monitors vs TV for playing PS5 – which one should you choose?

Obviously TVs are much bigger than monitors, which is why the PS5 action feels much more engaging and immersive on a big screen. Imagine playing a game like God of War, FIFA23 or The Last of Us II on a giant TV, with the characters and environments filling your entire field of view. The sense of immersion is simply unparalleled compared to a smaller monitor. Especially when there are two or more people, it is considerably more fun to play on a large screen.

You should also keep in mind that console gaming is generally made to better suit TVs. PS5, like most other consoles, is designed to be played on a living room TV, and the gaming experience is optimized for that environment. Many games have features like split-screen multiplayer or dynamic camera angles that are tailored to the larger screen size of a TV, which can go up to 85 inches and larger.

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Granted, it’s worth noting that monitors aren’t bad at all for PS5 gaming, it’s just that a TV is much better at them, especially a good one. It’s all down to the bigger screen, brighter colors and the biggest factor, immersion. Monitors are great for PC gaming or office work, but when it comes to console gaming, a TV is a good choice. A good TV with a high resolution, a nice refresh rate and HDR support provide a gaming experience that is almost impossible to match with a monitor.

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In conclusion, while a monitor is a great option for PS5 gaming, it’s hard to beat the immersive experience of playing on a big screen TV. The larger screen size, optimized console gaming experience, and increased immersion all make a TV the clear winner for PS5 gaming.

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