Macau to see 30% reduction in gaming-related crimes by 2022 – IAG

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A total of 965 gaming-related crimes were reported in Macau in 2022, a decrease of 407 cases, or nearly 30%, compared to 1,372 cases in 2021.

On Tuesday, the Macau Judicial Police (PJ) released its report on criminal charges and enforcement work for 2022. Last year, a total of 8,612 files were opened by the judicial police, a decrease of 10.1% compared to 2021, of which 4,470 cases were investigated and prosecuted, a decrease of 9.1%. Also, 1,265 people were referred to the Public Prosecution Service by the PJ last year, a decrease of 30.9% year-on-year.

Among the different categories of cases, 965 cases related to gambling, of which 33 were gambling-related loan sharking cases, a decrease of 54% compared to 2021. There were 1,196 gambling-related fraud cases in 2022, 10 fewer cases than a year earlier.

The PJ also intercepted more than 3,500 “Money Exchange Gang” instances last year and reported 126 to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination (DICJ) Bureau to be banned from casinos.

There was one murder case in Macau in 2022, which occurred on May 7 when a mainland Chinese man murdered two mainland women in a hotel room at MGM Cotai, before fleeing to the mainland and being arrested 10 days later by Chinese public security officials .

According to the PJ, “the decrease in gaming-related cases last year was mainly due to the decrease in visitors and gaming activities.”

However, the easing of Macau’s anti-epidemic policies since January 8 has already led to a significant increase in inbound visitors. The PJ said: “In view of the increase in the number of visitors to Macau and the new phase of epidemic prevention, the judicial police has made preparations to strengthen the prevention and control of various crimes.

“The judicial police will work closely with gaming companies to conduct joint patrols in a timely manner and will create a cooperation mechanism to combat fake websites on behalf of Macau gaming companies.”

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