Looking at the remaining games of the year

The Toronto Blue Jays will not have an easy schedule. To secure a spot in the playoffs, they must endure each of their rivalries in the AL East division. The Blue Jays have a run of four games against the Rays, three against the Yankees, three against the Red Sox and finish the season with three games against the Orioles. Which of these series do the Blue Jays need to win to secure a spot in the playoffs, or which one is the most important?

The Blue Jays are six and a half games behind the Yankees for first place in the AL East and 2.5 game ahead of the Rays for first place in the Wild Card Race.

The series against the Rays and the Yankees will show us who the Blue Jays are made of. They are 7-8 against the Rays and 7-9 against the Yankees this season. After driving 18 runs against the Phillies on Tuesday, the Jays’ odds look good against them as the bats continue to produce. It’s the most points they’ve scored since September 10 against the Texas Rangers, when they went over 11 points.

The Blue Jays have 13 games left in the season, all against AL East rivals. How is the rest of the season going?

Rays can be one of those teams that can be annoying in terms of ruining the party and making you sweat every inch of it. The Blue Jays will have to win three of the four in that series. In their last meeting, the Rays destroyed the Blue Jays with the final score of 11-0 at home, but they won the series 3-2. After how the last game ended, it’s payback time! A statement has to be made that they deserve to be in the playoffs and you should be afraid of them.

The Yankees were one of the most popular teams in baseball in the first half. They started to crumble after the All-Star break, but lately they’ve slowly started to pick up again. Injuries and lack of production played a part, but you never know what to expect from the Yankees because their lights go on and off (and Aaron Judge was fantastic). That’s why the Jays can’t miss a thing and have to take advantage of every little thing during the upcoming three-game series.

Blue Jays have dominated the Red Sox all season, which is quite surprising given that the Sox has been a franchise for a number of years to fight and come back from adversity. The Sox won’t make it to the playoffs this season, but they can make the Jays’ lives a little complicated if they get overconfident. The Blue Jays are 13-3 against the Sox this season.

The Orioles are one of the biggest surprises of this season and an incredible story. They are still in rebuild mode, but that’s a team coming in the future. They have some solid pieces and they have challenged the Jays this year. Both teams have divided victories over 16 games (8-8). Jays will finish their season against the Orioles.

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