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LG Electronics has announced that the company will be giving away one of its flagship gaming TVs – a 48-inch OLED C1 – at a Raceway event at Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg this year. Competitors must drive quickly around a track on Forza Horizon 5 at the OLED TV Raceway and race to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win the top prize.

Comic Con is a world-renowned pop culture and gaming festival that first came to South Africa in 2018. This year’s festival takes place from September 22-25 at the Johannesburg Expo Center, featuring eight stages and over 256 hours of content. From championships, competitions and product launches to workshops, Q&A sessions, screenings and interactive experiences – this year’s Comic Con Africa has something for everyone.

At the Artist Alley – Comic Con’s most iconic event – fans can meet the artists and writers of some of the world’s most influential TV shows and movies. Comic Con Africa has announced the presence of Selwyn Ward, known as the Red Turbo Power Ranger, Tati Gabrielle from not mappedJamie Campbell from the cult classic Weird stuff series and more.

At LG’s Raceway booth at Comic Con Africa this year, game enthusiasts can compete for an OLED TV in the company of prominent South African gamers such as Mister Flak, Super Dave and Sam Wright (aka Tech Girl). In anticipation of this year’s Raceway event, Tech Girl said, “I love the LG OLED Raceway events. There’s clearly a competitive aspect to it, but even if you’re not the fastest racer, the LG community and other gamers at Raceway make sure you’re encouraged and supported. It’s a fun experience whether you’ve raced before or not, and it embodies what gaming is all about: a community. We’re all racing together, helping each other improve and going lightning fast on an OLED TV. It’s going to be a blast.”

South African gaming influencer and YouTuber Mister Flak added: “This year’s Comic Con is going to be a gamer’s paradise. I’m excited to see who can race to the top of the standings. Driving through the beautiful landscapes of Forza Horizon 5 at terrifying speeds – and in stunning 4K at 120Hz – is something every gamer should experience on OLED.”

LG’s OLED gaming TVs have set a new benchmark for gaming experiences with their unbeatable 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag, built-in gaming features and the latest adaptive sync technologies. And with the power of self-lit pixels, OLED TVs deliver a level of contrast and color quality that brings out the best in today’s next-gen games.

To learn more about LG’s OLED TVs, visit lg.com/za/oled-tvs.

To register for this year’s Comic Con Africa, visit comicconafrica.co.za.

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