Kevin Can F**K Himself Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Rachel Dratch in Kevin Can F**K Himself Season Two

Rachel Dratch in Kevin Can F**K Himself Season Two
Photo: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC Studios

I mean, we should start with Rachel Dratch, right? The Saturday Night Live vet makes an all too short cameo in Kevin can fuck himself‘s last episode, and it’s a treat. Dratch has a smorgasbord of television comedies under her belt, including episodes of Kevin James’ The king of queens, 30 Rockand The middle. So it was nice to see her interact with Allison and Patty – two women trying to take down sitcom tropes. She did her small part well as a disgruntled former city councilor turned villain (35 years of civic duty, and they fired her via email. Is there a job where bosses take their employees seriously?). Her help is essential because it leads to Allison to steal scoring Gertrude Franch’s death certificate. I hope Beatrice Morton from Dratch returns to help againbut if not, we always have a cameo.

Back to Allison’s achievement: She is now one step closer to changing her identity and moving to Connecticut. As the harsh reality sinks in to Patty, she decides to live with Tammy. If Allison moves on with her life, so should she, I think Patty on their walk back home from City Hall. Whether she actually wants to move in with her girlfriend is a completely different matter. She acts more out of self-preservation than true feelings, and you can hardly blame her for that – who among us doesn’t? Of course, Patty doesn’t know that Tammy has only asked her to move in so she can keep a close eye on her. At least that’s my assumption, because after seeing those images of Vermont, Tammy apparently shunned her for days. The sudden decision to ask her to move in seems more like a calculated trick, even if her plea sounds sincere.

The flesh of Kevin can fuck himselfThe fifth installment actually stems from the sitcom storyline. I know, I’m shocked too. It’s pretty exciting to see everyone close to Kevin starting to turn on him, or at least berate him in his cunning ways. He spends most of “The Unreliable Narrator” interrogating people at Bev’s Diner. Everyone except Allison and Patty takes refuge there during a power outage caused by… his stupidity. No one really stole his generator the way he thinks, but he takes the opportunity to question, criticize and mock Neil, Diane, Sam, Pete and Pete’s girlfriend, Doris.

Kevin’s interactions with Sam are enlightening because of the terrible marriage tips he gives, unaware that it’s the same place Sam and Allison had their affair in season one. His advice is to essentially use whatever strengths he has (Kevin reportedly has both good looks and humor) to get away with anything. It smells like manipulation, honey. No wonder he thinks he’s accountable to no one. Except that’s going to change soon. Sam finally sees that Kevin isn’t an innocent clown, but a furious bastard who is ruining Allison’s life, so he decides to help her escape the way he can. Give a quick kiss that turns into Allison collapsing gratefully in his arms.

Raymond Lee, Eric Petersen, Alex Bonifer, Jamie Denbo, Brian Howe and Lauren Weedman in Kevin Can F**K Himself Season 2

Raymond Lee, Eric Petersen, Alex Bonifer, Jamie Denbo, Brian Howe and Lauren Weedman in Kevin can fuck himself season 2
Photo: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC Studios

Neil’s descent builds gradually. Diane’s support keeps him standing up for himself and not blindly siding with Kevin when he’s accused of robbing the goddamn generator. Neil and Diane are kissing too! (This pairing was suggested on last week’s outing, but is it a little icky, or do we understand why they’re attracted to each other after all they’ve been through.) They also go to a Dunkin’ Donuts instead of joining in. do Kevin at the bar to slurp beer. It is a huge Massachusetts representation, sure, but it’s remarkable because they both choose not to drink their grief away, as they usually do – at some point, KCFH will tackle Kevin, Neil and even Diane’s alcohol addiction, right?

Admittedly, it was shocking that his ever-supportive father ends the episode by scolding his son. It took a long time, to be sure, but it still felt a bit random. It just goes to show that, with decent people around, even Neil and Pete can discover a moral compass. Pete is especially alarmed when he learns that Kevin has stolen Doris’s hearing aids – a truly despicable act that he tried to pass on like a laughable joke. This is exactly the kind of joke we’ve seen in many sitcoms, but the laugh track trains us to think it’s funny, so the arc wrapped up neatly in 20 minutes. Not so much in KCFH. In fact, it seems to me that not just Sam, but everyone else could wake up and work together to help Allison make Kevin pay for his actions during the remaining three episodes of season two.

Stray observations:

  • In case you’re wondering how Dratch’s cameo came to be, Decision maker reports That KCFH director Anna Dokoza also headed 2021’s A Clüsterfünke Christmas, starring Dratch and Ana Gasteyer. That way they could easily arrange a performance.
  • ‘s article KCFH Episode two is finally out and Allison’s former classmate turned journalist devotes an entire paragraph to her high school swimming career and a photo. Kevin is upset because the space could have been used for more of his jokes instead.
  • Diane and Chuck apparently patched it up if you keep track. She’s obviously not happy about it, so it might spur her to at least try and help Allison get out, even though, in the past, she said she should stay put.
  • Kevin managed to take shelter at Bev’s Diner because he discovered that Allison was there. How did he discover this? By tracking her phone, of course. KCFH likes to subtly point out that he is less crazy, and more calculating.
  • Why would Allison and Patty go to Beatrice’s correct address in the police car? Couldn’t they get off at Bev’s or something, and then walk to City Hall? It would slow them down, but now they’ve left such an official track of their misdeeds.
  • Beatrice’s pet names for Allison and Patty are mousy delinquent and her goth boyfriend, respectively.
  • Patty’s fresh haircut is very cute. Who did it for her… we’ve never seen anyone else work in her salon.
  • Who else noticed that Kevin noticed that everyone was laughing at Allison’s joke that he was a mistake, so he asked her to leave to “get fuel for his generator?”
  • Kevin’s response to everyone who told him to say sorry: “Apologies are like tears, everyone should let them out unless they’re a real man.” He is the worst.

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