Kapital DAO, the leader in Web3 Gaming Asset Management

The round also comes with support from major games and guilds, especially YGG

The Kapital DAO announced the closing of its latest raise, with participation from Polygon Ventures, the Algorand Foundation and the HBAR Foundation, with grants from the Solana Foundation and NEAR. Prominent investors were also involved, such as Yield Guild Games (YGG), Samsung NEXT, GSR, Wintermute Ventures, Keyrock and Portofino. Strategic gaming partners include Splinterlands, Shrapnel and Blocklords. The Kapital DAO will also receive ongoing advice from YGG and Floating Point Group (FPG), along with leaders from Illuvium, Laguna Games and Digital Insight Games (DIG). The DAO is expected to vote to drive funding for further development and scaling of its technology, which enables institutional-level wealth management for web3 gaming organizations. The Kapital DAO plans to leverage its technology closely with these strategic partners to increase the amount of institutional capital and players flowing through partner ecosystems. This increase comes at a critical time as web3 gaming and major DAOs begin to focus on their key issues of scaling operations and security.

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“Recent advances in web3 gaming have demonstrated the need for reliable, institutional-grade systems to manage gaming assets and complex operations at scale,” said Sam Peurifoy, CEO of Playground Labs, a core contributor to the Kapital DAO. “We are excited to have the support of major gaming and asset management leaders who can accelerate the Kapital DAO’s ability to seamlessly integrate major players into asset management gaming. This series of developments will help core sectors of the larger blockchain ecosystem take user acquisition to the next level.”

The Kapital DAO is the leading provider of gaming asset management technology, enabling completely reliable gaming asset management in an institutional setting. Crucially, the Kapital DAO is not a lending protocol and does not require technical improvement of the listed games. This breakthrough is a substantial improvement in a space that would normally require game developers to completely rewrite their smart contracts or reconfigure their game engines to enable asset management functionality. In contrast, the Kapital DAO enables the seamless onboarding of institutional, fund-like organizations in web3 gaming, similar to how new infrastructure enabled an institutional DeFi boom in 2020.

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