Indian gamers who show strong interest in a gaming career: HP India

About two-thirds of serious gamers who spend more than eight hours a week gaming and participating in online gaming competitions consider exploring gaming as a career option, including becoming a gaming, influencer or gaming software developer, according to a study performed by PC maker HP India.

The research — “HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022” — which included more than 2,000 respondents from 14 Indian cities, stated that gamers see good profit prospects in gaming along with multiple career choices, which resulted in Indian gamers expressing a strong interest in a career in gaming.

“Another big reason gamers play games is the possibility of their hobby becoming a career. Gaming is also considered a source of entertainment and relaxation (92%), improving mental agility (58%) and socializing (52%),” the study added.

It added that the growth of the gaming industry in India is also helping Indian gamers to try out different career options. While becoming a gamer remains the most preferred (53%), other options such as influencer (20%), gaming software developer (18%), streamer (8%) and animator (2%) are also of interest to them. it said.

“Female gamers are on the rise in India. Female gamers have a career in gaming in mind, make their hobby their profession (50%) and offer good income prospects (45%),” it added.

Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India Market said: “As the gaming industry in India evolves, it is promising to see gaming being considered as a career option. The PC gaming landscape in India offers a great opportunity for the youth and we, at HP, are committed to supporting gamers on their journey by providing knowledge, tools and opportunities to upskill their skills and help them get better in their game through OMEN community initiatives. ”

“The strong preference for PC gaming represents a huge business opportunity for us. We remain focused on developing the best experiences based on user insights to enable a holistic and cutting-edge gaming ecosystem in India,” added Mr. Please pray.

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