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They look ethereal and delicate, but they impress. The Aurora Collection from Logitech G is beautiful and powerful. They complement your aesthetic. With the gaming-grade technologies of the Aurora Collection, play your way in comfort and style.

Designed to be gender inclusive, the Aurora collection focuses on the needs of women who game, while also appealing to gamers seeking a playful design and curated experience. The collection has a distinctive aesthetic and design language and allows customization through accessories and color options.

The Aurora Collection is a perfect choice for a gaming peripheral upgrade. Pre-orders will be announced at the end of September. Gaming-grade technologies such as LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless technology and Blue VO!CE microphone technology are included in the collection.

Standing up for inclusivity and empowering gamers to “play your way”

The Aurora Collection is Logitech G’s answer to the gaming wants and needs of an underrepresented segment of gamers. It was conceptualized based on feedback from women who game, and designed by a team of mostly women.

The design process was based on three principles: comfort, approachability and playfulness.

During the design phase, the team considered often overlooked considerations such as longer hair, glasses, earrings and smaller hand sizes. For added comfort, even during long sessions, lightweight and soft-touch materials and finishes were considered.

The Aurora Collection opted for softer tones, translucent materials and soothing out-of-box lighting over typical sharp edges and bold aesthetics.

Finally, the Aurora collection encourages self-expression with customizable accessories. The gears come in the base White Mist and can be customized with Pink Dawn and Green Flash accessories. Lighting can also be customized with combinations available in G HUB’s Play Moods.

Introducing the Aurora Collection

The G705 wireless gaming mouse is purpose-built for smaller hands with a compact contoured fit and sculpted sides for a comfortable grip. It uses LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity and advanced gaming technology.

At just 85 grams, the G705 is designed for long-lasting, lightweight comfort and performance. The gaming-grade sensor, ultra-responsive wireless LIGHTSPEED and easy-to-reach DPI cycling button enhance gaming performance.

Immerse yourself in games, music and movies with ethereal LIGHTSYNC RGB that comes with Aurora Collection’s signature lighting. Show your creative side with thousands of customizable light combinations available on G HUB.

The white G705 is competitively priced at PhP5,999. It’s versatile. It can be used not only for gaming but also with laptops and tablets on the go.

The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and G713 Gaming Keyboard are compact, comfortable keyboards. Both deliver low-key vibes with high-key performance so you can express yourself and play your way.

Float away with its dreamy white design and cloudy soft palm rest. The compact, ten-keyless layout and adjustable height make marathon gaming sessions comfortable.

Pack it up, place it anywhere and play at your best with a rechargeable battery life of 25 gaming hours1 and LIGHTSPEED wireless or Bluetooth® connectivity.

Show off your playing style with ethereal LIGHTSYNC RGB on the keyboard rim and under the keys, along with the ready-to-use Aurora Collection signature lighting.

Personalize your look with key caps and top plates in a variety of fun colors, including Pink Dawn and Green Flash, sold separately.

Priced at PhP11,499, the portable G715 can be used to play, work and even learn. The G713 is priced at PhP9,999. Both come in white color.

With a dreamy White Mist finish, ethereal RGB lighting and on-ear audio mixing, the lightweight G735 Wireless Gaming Headset can be comfortably worn by players of different head sizes.

Play games from your rooftop or desktop with up to 56+ hours of battery life (with lights off), LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth® and 3.5 wired connectivity.

Ethereal LIGHTSYNC RGB comes preloaded with Play Moods animations, the signature lighting for the Aurora Collection. The removable microphone features Blue VO!CE, which produces broadcast-quality sound and new filters to modulate your voice.

Ear pads and microphone arms are available in multiple colorways, including Pink Dawn and Green Flash, which are sold separately.

Part of the GEM collection, the G735 is designed to be versatile and adaptable. It’s scaled and sized for female gamers, with lighter weight, lower clamping force, and flexible size ranges. It has specially designed ear cups to twist and turn, with accommodations for ear placements and small ear accessories.

The G735 can connect to two different devices at the same time. Play your way with the G735, priced at PhP12,499.

The Aurora collection will be available for pre-order soon in the Philippines. Watch out for announcements in late September. Start planning to upgrade your gaming peripherals now!

Available online and at local stores

The Aurora Collection will be available at the Logitech G Flagship Store in Lazada, Logitech G Official Store in Shopee, and partner stores DataBlitz, Playbook, PC Express, Silicon Valley, iTech, Gamextreme, Gameline, GameOne, and Thinking Tools.

Visit the Logitech website and the official Facebook page for more information.



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