Gaming Industry Veterans Launch InfiniGods to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

InfiniGods aims to make blockchain gaming fun and accessible with player-owned NFT generated assets that are interoperable across all of its games

Austin, Texas, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veterans of the mobile and social gaming industry, Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghuetoday announced the co-foundation and launch of InfiniteGods, an innovative blockchain gaming studio developing Web3 games where all NFTs, rewards and game assets are owned by the player and are interoperable between games. This comes on the heels of recently a seed round from $9 million in May 2022 directed by Pantera capital and accompanied by Framework companies and Animoca brands.

InfiniGods develops fun, free-to-play Web3 games around ancient mythologies and civilizations. The company’s mission is to make blockchain gaming accessible and enjoyable for everyone, while giving people the opportunity to own their in-game assets and boost the player’s economy. InfiniGods allows players to gain valuable gameplay rewards such as power-ups and boosts simply by participating and leveling up. The scarcity of NFTs will shape gameplay by enabling unique actions and rewards.

His first match InfiniMergeis currently in beta with a full launch expected later in the fall of 2022. To demonstrate interoperability, it recently announced: Merge Community, where it will select one project per calendar quarter to be developed as an interactive, playable experience on InfiniMerge using existing assets. The first playable Community Merge level will appear wolf game.

InfiniMerge is a reimagined take on a casual puzzle game inspired by Candy Crush, Triple Town and City Block. Every day players are given a new level to play, inspired by the legends and characters of a particular mythos. in a August 2022 beta game testing, InfiniMerge saw over 500 unique players with a 70% retention rate.

“The barrier to entry to play Web3 games was just too high, which discouraged some people from having fun,” said Damon Gura, Co-Founder and CEO of InfiniGods. “We founded InfiniGods to change the landscape of the Internet and the future of gaming by encouraging people to have fun and really take ownership of the assets they generate in games.”

“Unprecedented in NFT gaming, InfiniGods games are built from the ground up around the idea of ​​interoperability,” said Owen O’Donoghue, Co-Founder and CRO of InfiniGods. “Our NFTs were designed from the ground up to be accessible and usable as cross-game assets, not only in our games, but also in games developed outside of InfiniGods. Through InfiniGods, we can add millions of new players to Web3 games! “

Watch how to play InfiniMerge here. For more information, read InfiniGods’ white paperfollow on Twitterand join our Discord for more frequent updates and to interact with the community. Games are for desktop only, and soon for mobile.

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Founded in 2022, InfiniGods is a blockchain gaming studio offering a range of fun free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. Developed by veterans of the mobile and social gaming space, InfiniGods unlocks the true potential of blockchain technology by lowering the barrier to entry for casual gamers and creating an ecosystem where properties are interoperable across the entire range of games. For more information visit

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