Gaming event for cancer charity overshadowed by wakeful complaining

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Sorry cancer patients, the radical left has decided that their feelings are more important than raising money for your health.

Video game-based charity Games Done Quick has announced it is pulling its live event from Florida amid concerns related to COVID-19 restrictions and the Parental Rights in Education Act, a bill labeled anti-LGBT by left-wing hacks.

“Given [Florida]“Due to the continued disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including anti-mandatory vaccination policies) and increased aggression toward LGBTQ+ individuals, including the law popularly known as ‘Don’t Say Gay’, we do not believe it is a safe place for our community right now,” the organization said in a statement dated Sept. 8.

Originally started in 2010, Games Done Quick has raised millions of dollars for a variety of charities, including Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Prevent Cancer Foundation.

But as is the case with many institutions in America today, the radical left infiltrated Games Done Quick and twisted it for its own ends.

Soon, LGBT charities The Trevor Project crept into the lineup and event organizers began enforcing leftist dogmas at all events.

Two prominent participants at a Games Done Quick event in 2017, with the online names PvtCinnamonBun and Cyberdemon531, were banned from the event for allegedly wearing MAGA hats.

In addition, Cyberdemon531 drew negative attention for allegedly creating a forum on the social media site Reddit that criticized another transgender gamer.

Games Done Quick banned a Spanish gamer, who goes by the name Luzbelheim, from participating in the group’s events for 18 months because of his anti-feminist views and support for Vox, a Spanish national conservative party.

That focus on leftist stance on raising money for charity is starting to cause problems.

In Games Done Quick’s announcement that it would cancel its in-person event in Florida, the organization had to admit that it had taken a significant financial blow as a result of the decision.

“While the move to online will allow us to save some costs, we still have significant costs to recover,” the organizers wrote. “We’re trying to get that money back where possible, including with community support.”

Money that community members could donate to fight cancer will now be used to pay for Games Done Quick’s stunt.

Who benefits here? Do the event organizers really think they’re holding it up to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the oh-so-bad Republicans by pulling out of a contract and hosting the event online? Will the child with cancer get the help he needs because a leftist who still fears COVID-19 is unhappy that the state won’t force people to get vaccinated?

Of course not, but the radical left has long been disinterested in the causes it claims to support. What is more important than helping people is the perception that it is doing something.

Games Done Quick was about uniting people engaged in a relatively niche hobby toward promoting a social good. Therefore, the left-wing corruption of the event is even more frustrating.

There is not a single serious person, right, left or in the middle, who is against raising money for cancer research. It’s a twofold matter. What does Games Done Quick have to gain from introducing a political lightning rod like the LGBT ideology into the event?

Not very much, but it stands to lose support.

Those who would be inclined to give to a charity like cancer research will face the fact that their money could go to a cause they vehemently oppose. Could a possible increase in donations from awake leftists close the gap?

I doubt it.

In a way, the Games Done Quick fiasco serves as a great case study for the sheer selfishness of the LGBT movement and transgenderism in particular.

Like petulant children, gender activists demand that all attention be focused on them, other things be damned. And just like petulant kids, when people ignore their cry for attention, gender activists tend to have a tantrum.

Children with cancer? Forget that, I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body! Watch me!

You would expect people to draw a line when sacrificing cancer patients on the altar of gender ideology, but it seems that the corrupt nature of the awake left is stronger than human decency.

Games Done Quick started with a noble mission. It has gone astray. For the sake of those cancer patients, let’s hope it comes to its senses soon.

Originally published in The Daily Signal.

Douglas Blair is a contributor to The Daily Signal and is a graduate of Heritage’s Young Leaders Program.

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