Gaming Commission launches pre-gambling self-exclusion program in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Nebraska (KOLN) – The Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission is launching a statewide portal for members of the public to voluntarily bar themselves from participating in gaming activities in Nebraska. The portal will include the Nebraska Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program and other problem game resources.

Applicants can avoid being admitted to Nebraska casinos for a year, a few years, or even a lifetime.

Mike Sciandra works at Choices Treatment Center, which helps problem gamblers as he once was. Sciandra said he has applied for self-exclusion programs in other states and is pleased it is coming to Nebraska.

“For something new coming to Nebraska, like gambling in casinos, it’s going to be exciting for a lot of people, and for the 90% plus people who can handle that, it’s great,” Sciandra said. “We’ve had clients in the past who have also contacted us and said, ‘Hey, I really don’t want this temptation in my life. What can you do to help me with this?’”

The Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission encourages the public to practice responsible gambling practices and learn the signs of problematic gambling before full casino operations take place. The development of Nebraska’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program is another step in improving industry best practices to prevent gambling problems statewide.

“We recognize the excitement and anticipation for expanded gaming in Nebraska,” said Nebraska Racing and Gaming Executive Director Tom Sage. “Having mechanisms to mitigate the effects of harmful gaming is key to regulating a professional gaming industry. We encourage everyone to learn the signs of problem gambling and use the voluntary self-exclusion program if you or a loved one has an addiction.”

The portal is available at

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